[Video] Konkurabe TV_20170906 (no-subbed)

Credit: jkskorisu

今夜くらべてみましたJKS only from jkskorisu on Vimeo.

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5 thoughts on “[Video] Konkurabe TV_20170906 (no-subbed)

  1. It is a amazing ,interesting Japanese programme..oppa in the tv show his cuteness and smart..so laughing for his behaviour..he is very special like mimi dancing ..his house is so big ..he should find the princess live to him together that will not be so lonely…hope he will find Miss right soon..saranghae oppa

  2. I could not understand a word but I could judge from the audience that he is so loving, sharing, funny and witty. Just simply love and adore him.

  3. I know to read Japanese. Dear eels, it is to show the dance of Mimi dance if the boys interest in it.. so use two fingers show to see the girls eyes,if the girls Iinterest the boy ,she will dance the same..when Jks dance with the actress, she is interest in,so show the dance with eyes contact…this picture is very interesting.another interest scene is Jks see the DVD with him, he sings with song and waves hand to the DVD s jks…ha..ha.. this scene is very special..make audience laughing…of course..I also hope this video can translate to eng to our Jks eels.. hope ms Tenshi can help..thank you..

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