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~Jang Keun Suk appeared at CD shop (TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA)~
Jang Keun Suk who released his new album ‘Voyage’ yesterday visited a cd shop in Tokyo without previous notice. He interviewed some fans directly.
JKS: Wow! Amazing! Thank you for your cheers!
JKS: Today my cd was released. How many did you buy?
Fan A: I bought 4.
JKS: Four? Thank you! Great!
JKS: Tell me what you think JKS’ 3 charms are.
Fan B: Handsome. Having good voice. Acting well.
JKS: What is your favorite song in this album?
Fan C: Voyage.
JKS: When you first listened to Voyage, what did you feel?
Fan C: I was moved.
JKS: Thank you.
Like this, JKS interviewed fans successfully. At last, he ended up the report with his thanks to fans.
JKS: I hope my fans will keep supporting me from now on. Everyone, thank you again!

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2 thoughts on “[Video] mezamashi AQUA_20170810”

  1. I love Voyage.. it brings me to a dreamland when I hear his voice..
    A sweet love declaration..how can I not be moved.
    Thanks Tenshi


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