[fan-made video] Happy Birthday JKS 2017 from eels

Credit: EelsEcuador

Credit: EuropEels & Russian Eels

EuropEels & Russian Eels JKS Birthday Project 2017! 投稿者 JangKeunSukFR

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3 thoughts on “[fan-made video] Happy Birthday JKS 2017 from eels”

  1. Oh Wooowwwww!! Loved the videos siss.. If Suk watches these, he will surely get lottsss of energy & happiness..

    Many many happy returns of the day, precious Prince.. Looooooooooove you always..
    God bless u with lotssss of happiness, long healthy life & more success.. Be happy always prince.. We are with you no matter what..

    Through all happiness & sorrows, lezgo ZikZin together!!

  2. 我托空氣為郵差,把我深深的思念裝訂成包裹,印上真心為郵戳,37度恒温快递,收件人是你.祝你生日快樂!

  3. As a curious fact I tell you
    That the place where the event was
    It’s called Crystal Palace on Guayaquil City in Ecuador the middle of the world

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