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August 2, 2017 in Photos, Press Articles by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Original source: anan web

Big love given by eels touched Jang Keun Suk’s heart…!!

Jang Keun Suk, well-known as Geun-chan, turns 30 years old on August 4th. He still keeps his beauty that captured throughout Japan once, and in addition, he has gained more manly charms. Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk has returned to anan magazine after 5 years.

I wrote this lyrics, thinking back of our memories that I had walked with my eels.
– You have tanned to a nice golden brown color. You really look like a man of summer.
To be honest, I went to a tanning salon, so it’s artificial. lol. I didn’t told it to my agent in advance, so when my Japanese staff saw me, the first thing they said, “OMG! You’re so browned! You look like a frivolous young man, gyaruo!” They looked very astonished.

– Your typical image is fair skinned, so you look very new.
Actually, I get tanned every summer. I’ve wanted to look myself more energetic and manly.

– Looking at your new album ‘Voyage’ cover photo, you look more manly than before.
I think my previous image was ‘Geun-chan = smile’. But I wanted to express ‘lonely life’ and ‘matured 30-year-old Jang Keun Suk’ this time. So I chose photos that shows my cool side.

– Melodies are different from your previous works. I guess they sound like typical J-POP songs.
The concept of this album is ‘the journey of life with Japanese fans’. Therefore, I asked to make songs that are familiar to Japanese people.

– I heard the title song ‘Voyage’ was written by you.
Yes! I wrote it up at hotel in Fukuoka before fan meeting started. It took only 5 minutes.

– Amazing! So fast!
I could see the ocean from the window of my hotel room. There are a big message on the sands, “JKS, I love you!” I was so moved at how much I have been given big love by fans… Then, I decided to give it back to my fans. I wanted to show you my sincerity. I wrote the lyrics, thinking back to memories we have walked together since my debut as a singer in Japan. I wrote it like a letter, remembering each fan’s face.

– I personally likes the part of the lyrics, “To love someone is not embarrassing.”
I think ‘to love someone’ is an energy of everyday life. It’s a beautiful emotion, no need to hide it. In short, if you want to see Geun-chan or you like Geun-chan, say it loud! That’s what I meant.
– By the way, there is the song ‘boku-no-negaigoto [my wish]’. What is your wish right now?
Finding the right person to me. I feel lonely lately. I yearn to have someone beside me, really. lol.

– The right person means… woman?
Yes. I don’t need men. I’ve already been satisfied with my male fiends.

– That means… you don’t have someone you like or girlfriend now…?
No, not at all!! You doubt me?

– Well, yes. You’re very popular with girls, aren’t you? You’re active and know well about sweet words.
I’m sorry but I haven’t met a woman whom I become serious yet. But I’m good at using sweet words. lol. Such as “Do you know how to do artificial respiration? My heart was about to stop, seeing you” and “Don’t lose your weight. I don’t like you’re disappearing even a bit.”

– It seems everyone is easy to fall in love with you.
In reality, it doesn’t work for girls. These sweet words entertain only me and my manger. lol.

– By the way, I read an article a coupe of years ago. You said “I have been in love twice in my 20s” in it. Did you update it?
Did I say such a thing?

– Yes. lol.
Well… maybe, three times? four times? lol. I have a feeling that it’s become more difficult to be in love year by year. I’m not so willing to be in love more than before, and it’s becoming harder to find someone I can believe. Especially, girls who have similar age as me are conscious of marriage, right? I prefer free love…. yes, I know, I’m the last person girls like. lol.

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