[ENG-SUB] NICONICO TEAM H ‘monologue’ special_20161028

UPDATE: I replaced the soft-subbed video to hard-subbed one

Translation & Timing : tenshi_akuma

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[ENG-SUB] NICONICO TEAM H ‘monologue’ special_20161028

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14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] NICONICO TEAM H ‘monologue’ special_20161028”

  1. Waaaahh sis.. waiting for this one..
    Thanku so much.. going to watch it now..
    Sis I was searching other Nico Nico videos posted in forever but can’t see the subs.. It’s so disappointing.. ?? But thanks for everything we get all bcoz of u n team.. really appreciate it..

  2. Morning forever team you always make JKS fans updated of whatsgoing on about him his activity his news in English sub ,really appreciated thx so much for all your hard works and considerations ,so fans of JKS all over the world can get closer to him understand him and love him more .Good Job it also show your team care about all the fans of JKS .all over the world thats why during his shows he always mention thx to all his fans and love them all in Korean ,Japanese ,Chinese .and English and lots of kisses.too We will love him and support him till the end

  3. Thanks a lot Team.. You are really the best… Really appreciate your hard work and dedication to provide us videos with subtitles.. Looking forward for more videos in the future.. 😀

  4. Oh wow!! Love their interview.. both of them supporting each other, praising each other, valuing each other.. love their everlasting friendship.. Really don’t care about all those prejudices of sime ppl who can’t tolerate all those milestones created by our young men.. Love u PRINCE n love for Team H..

  5. Earlier liked Zikzin Radio ep 17 where suk talked only about Team H n BB.. Both of them share a great bond..Just like BB said he is a real chameleon.. can go through any transitions.. And I must say BB is very very talented in creating music.. Team H gives us all types of music besides keeping electronic as their main theme.. <3 Team H…

  6. Lots of love for our PRINCE who is always sincere to everyone around him n so full of talent that there is nothing impossible in his dictionary.. hats off to u being such a diverse singer with any professional training.. loved everything that BB told abt our Prince.. Thanks for the subs..

  7. Really great translation! Interviews like this are so important in understanding where they came from and how they’re developing. And we get to see how really strong their friendship is and how easily they collaborate with each other. Love hearing how thoroughly JKS trusts BB. And it’s really interesting to learn that without his solo singing career, JKS would have been satisfied to have Team H be his singing outlet.
    I can’t imagine how many hours it takes for you all to sub something like this, but it’s clearly a labor of love. Thanks for sharing it with us all over the world <3

  8. I regret to hear that there are prejudice against them among the people in the same field and among Korean too.
    I agree that their music/concert style are unique and their success and support from fans are strong encouragement that enable them to continue doing the music they like.
    Thanks for the effort the Forever team made to let us eels understand the interview and get to know them more in depth.

  9. I have just watched it again.:D Can´t stop rewatching this interview. Love to see them like this, talking like a friends. This must be taken right after the first Team H Party in Yokohama. Suk is so charming, he can make any story interesting and funny…how they became friends, how thay make “gotta getcha”… I could listen to him talking forever. ♡ ♡ ♡

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