[ENG-SUB] Candy in my Ear Ep.10 – JKS part only

Credit: tvN
Translation : Evelyn Tan, Timing, editing & hardsub: Pei (ECI & Cri J Singapore)

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51 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Candy in my Ear Ep.10 – JKS part only”

  1. Been waiting for this since last night. Thank You so much… Really love watching this show.. Thank You for guys for translating this for us.

    Kudos to all of u…


  2. Big thanks for you Tenshi and team.. I love this ep, correct I really love all eps of this show lol.. I hope my prince and all of his candies still make a good friend after this, who knows if sometimes they will be his co-star in the drama or movies..

    • I think so. He has indirectly told us (Nami Island, the first time he visit was filming MSOAN, and the script sentence he said in the ep……unless our Prince intentively misleading us la. hahaha)
      Anyway, I hope he is happy now. I will support and love him as long as I can.

      • It seems like he is implying that it’s MGY, he even quoted his lines in MSOAN.. I hope they can still work together in the future in project that will really showcase their acting talents. I’m happy that JKS chose to be in this reality show, this is a great avenue for both fans and haters to see what he really is. Thanks!!!!!!!

      • I agree, and the body language shown his love for her, the hugs, kisses-on cheek, forehead, the tender look in his eyes… everything came naturally that you don’t see in his other drama

  3. Ahh!!! They played Jackpot’s music when Suk started the zip wire..
    N the rain drop song was also sung by IU in the beautiful man fan meeting but here they played the male version.. waaaahh love this song..
    Really the editing parts n the songs played in the show r awesome..

  4. Prince was so cute in this ep.. just watching him cycling , roaming, cooking, eating so cutely,singing, dancing n playing is enough.. don’t need anyone else.. don’t want this show to end but there is no news about ep 11.. a little worried. love all the episodes n a very big thanks to ECI for letting us understand such a great show of our PRINCE..

  5. He was so cute while asking hye ri to introduce him to the other girl members..
    Just imagining if Suk would have shot ep 11 in Japan during Team H concerts, it would have been too fun.. we could have seen his concert preparations n his popularity in Japan in Candy show also.. waiting for ep 11 preview..

  6. After watching this episode, I couldn’t help feeling sad for our Prince; he has been so focused on his career that he forgot about his emotional needs. I hope with all my heart that he finds the girl who will complement him. Wiish I could tell him that the best way to find her is to not look for her. Life works that way!

  7. Although they have cut the conversation.. I think the answer is Moon Geun Young.. It’s okay sukkie, mary still remember you and there’s still a chance.. Why don’t you go to watch ‘Romeo and Juliet’ hhhhhii?

    • yeah, Mary still loves you Suk, be brave and confess to her, you love her since teenage, so go ahead and express your feeling for Moon Geun Young, who knows, she is waiting for you to step forward, I pray for you both, my beloved GeunGeunCouple

  8. I have been viewing MMM again these days. Yesterday it comes to ep 9, when Sukkie goes to Nami Island with MGY. There is a scene they cycling on the island side by side. Sukkie also cycling on the island in Ear’s candy, but on his own this time. Feeling a bit lonely.

  9. Thanks so much for the English subs~!

    In Ep. 9, the wild guess was that the actress could be either MGY or Yoona. Both of them [especially Yoona] had passionate kiss scenes with Suk, and, they have never met up privately after filming. However in Ep. 10, thanks to Hyeri, all the clues seem to lead to Moon Geun Young.

    When he was about to ride the ZipWire, she told him to say what he didn’t get to confess during that time, and also to shout aloud the most memorable line from his drama. Well, he did just that, and out of all his dramas, he chose the line that he likes the most… and it was from MSOAN~!! He could have chosen ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’ from Love Rain or a line from YAB.

    I was amazed he could remember the lines from MSOAN at that moment amidst the adrenalin rush he was experiencing riding the scary ZipWire. Do not be mesmerized by me no matter how charismatic I am. Do not be mesmerized by me, let me be the one to like you… is this his special long-overdue message to that actress for whom he has one-sided feelings for the past 6 years?

    • after ep 10 really having strong doubts on Moon only.. Suk also said in an interview that he wanted to go to Nami island with his girlfriend.. n they were so natural in the drama that it’s never boring to rewatch Guen Guen couple a million times also..longing for Prince’s happiness only..hope they can meet again..

      • Sis, when our JKS said in the interview that it was dreaming of going to the island Nami with his girlfriend, said it with very much sorrow or sadness, since also he said that already it would not go to the island Nami with his girlfriend because of the drama MMM. He said that already it would not go to this island with his girlfriend, I think that it was trying to say that already it would not be romantic, exciting… 🙁

      • Yeah sis, I find every point u give is truly justified.. Prince must b regretting that he wanted to go to nami with her gf but went coz pf the drama.. I just recalled that interview n wrote it here..I think I shouldn’t have mentioned this.. But I loveJKS-PSH couple n Guen Guen couple also.. Anyone jks acts with sets a perfect chemistry n even in CFs also.. Just can’t predict the correct girl all for his natural acting..

      • me too, I love them, hope they will meet again and fall in love, just like the drama MSOAN – can’t wait for Geun Geun Couple to be in love with each other, start dating and get marry, lets pray

    • Hello! JKS counted the same history in a television program the year 2011 and in this moment the filming of “Love Rain” scarcely was beginning. And the scenes of kisses still had not been filmed for when it counted the history 😉

  10. Hello! JKS counted the same history in a television program the year 2011 and in this moment the filming of “Love Rain” scarcely was beginning. And the scenes of kisses still had not been filmed for when it counted the history 😉

  11. If its Moon, then its better than Yoona. She is too skinny, i love Moon with her gulpy cheeks…suits our prince. Hope Moon can take a step, because our Prince already took too long to say. MOON….please…?

  12. First of all, Tenshi and ECI Team, kindly accept once again our heartfelt appreciation for translating this episode for the love of JKS and all his international fans around the world. Through these subtitles, it is like creating a sturdy bridge in each island of the globe to unite all eels towards one common goal. our utmost thanks.

    Now, in this episode I didn’t not expect to get more clues about the recently talk-about JKS’ lucky co-actress 🙂 and after watching this, more percentage is given to MGY, indeed. Duly, because:
    1. had chosen Nami Island to spent his autumn for the second time. First is due to filming which is MMM, second is I believe for this episode. seems it is in a way a special location for him.

    2. clears his throat when MGY was mentioned by candy
    – this may be coincidence only and a not-so considered as a point/ and should not put meaning on this (apologies for this hihi) but I just noticed upon watching him on this show, whenever, there are striking statements from his candies or from him (that he meant/ serious about) and he is really affected/moved to it, he will clear his throat afterwards 🙂

    3. Say what he did not get to confess during the time/ shouting his most memorable line / the line the he like the most
    – and he had chosen a line from MMM, three (3) dramas had passed and it is nice to know that he still remembers that line, so definitely memorable for him.

    4. From the past episode (Episode 9), he can still remember clearly the plot of the story on why they went in Nami Island in MMM

    but after all, I know JKS is a witty/ an intelligent man – “sexy brain” and I believe that if you really want the decision/ choice you’ve made in choosing a specific script you will put your whole heart on it. No wonder, why he remembers most of the details in his drama because he loves what he does and has a passion on his chosen craft 🙂 to connect it during his It’s Showtime concerts early this year, he also credits his past characters in his dramas 🙂 differentiating its personalities one after the other 🙂

    On the other hand, here are the scenes that I found notable:

    1. I find it manly (in which I liked/ appreciated it) when he said “no, no, no..” and “dangerous.. dangerous” just felt
    – that he wants to refrain himself from any controversies
    – that he wants to protect the co-actress from criticisms

    2. when he said that he remembers that he bought an insurance
    – that sense of humor though 🙂 🙂 🙂 so JKS style

    3. riding the zip wire while holding the phone and talking to candy/ able to shout his most memorable line/ waving his hands and feet (seemed not thrilled at all)
    – so manly to be brave like this. I know he is used to heights already especially his stages in his concert in Japan (both solo concerts and Team H) and I was able to watch one of his CF for coffee I think where he jumps with harness :). He is really not afraid to do something new which I found attractive “brave soul” indeed.

    4. co-relating his cutely messed up Gimbap to Japanese dish – Chirashi sushi :)) and the fact the he puts his heart in making those, instead of throwing them or not packing them in the picnic, he still does. he really values everything that he does.

    5. informing candy that he knows who she is
    – he can just declare the real name of the candy but instead, he mentioned the candy’s character name in one of her dramas before (he’s really has his on style, not going to a normal path of declaration)

    6. in this episode JKS seems to portray as a “sensei” in his craft and gives number of fruitful advice to candy in which I was able to see his mature side in his career 🙂 knowing that he owns an entertainment agency, it is like giving tips to his trainees and molding them to be a successful artist in the future 🙂

    Oh, just sad that My Ear’s Candy came to an end… But I know in every ending, there’s a new beginning 🙂 will wait for his appearance in the future. 🙂

    • Sis, should I say one thing I can’t disagree with any one pont u have mentioned.. I have again entered into the hangover of MSOAN n Guen Guen couple n watching the drama again but don’t know how many times I have watched the drama including this..
      And yes Suk with his vast experience n success is the perfect torch bearer for all newbies.. loved ur comment..

      • Most of the time we have a same pinch sis!! 🙂 makes me want to watch MMM once again, for me to imagine and feel on what was going on in JKS’ mind during those times given the indirect statements he just said on this episode.. 🙂 As I always say, I can’t find the right words to say towards this man. He always has this element of surprise or new ways/style on how to divulge such information, making ordinary to an extraordinary one. :”)

    • on his recent concert Its Show Time – he shown all his characters in his drama, and he mentioned, Muygul is the character he treasured most, and if you pay attention, you can see he drank water and cleared his throat when cut from MMM was shown

  13. If you notice, he sings at least 2-3 songs from MSOAN in every concert every performance, and the Kiss scene in MMM is the only kiss scene he has been talking in few interviews, like he has never been kiss before (joking – april 2011) and how it was film passionately, is his favourite scene, how he worry it was too rough etc etc, and really show his true feeling in the show, he did not hide his emotion at all, the way he looked at her, hug her, squeeze her, kiss her on forehead, lips, cheek etc, the body language shown, and he bought her an ipad when he went to Japan perform during the filming of the drama, show that just like he mentioned he think of her all the time

    • Sis, all this matter of the ” lucky and mysterious co-actress “, makes me remember that in a delivery of prizes in the year 2009 in which our JKS would be A Teacher of Ceremonies, while it was testing his lines it teaches MGY to him how to say correctly ” Go My Nam ” with the tone of voice that he it was doing in the drama ” You`re Beautiful “. It is so adorable when it does it! This scene always has seemed to me to be pretty, because one can notice the friendship that joins them since they were children actors.

      It could never imagine that a romantic interest exists between them or on the part of him towards her. Always I thought that it saw her as a sister / friend only.

      My personal opinion is alone, cannot represent the reality 😉

  14. This chapter has turned out to be interesting enough. My heart late strong on having listened to our JKS to say “… LEAVE ME TO BE EI THAT YOU LIKE “. It has chosen this phrase as the most memorable of his dramas. Before I listened to him to say another another favorite phrase, but in this occasion it has chosen this phrase.

    I think that it has a great meaning for him, in the context of his recent confession, on the co-actress that he liked already many years ago. Maybe still does he taste and has hopes that the mysterious co-actress listens to his message? Oh! My heart jumps only of to imagine it 😀 Probably still it is not too much late for them and he could confess finally his feelings. It is my more sincere desire.

    *It is my personal opinion and it could that it does not have to see with the reality

  15. Ahhh they showed the toss game in episode 9 preview but it was not shown in episode 10.. Suk was playing like a child in the preview.. so cute.. How could they cut that part??? it would have been so fun to watch on ep 10..

    Guys, those who r missing Candy, plz do watch this fan made MV.. This FMV contains all cute expressions of our PRINCE shown in the entire show.. Enjoyed it..


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