[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk – it’s show time in Shanghai (full show)_20160828

Credit: QQ Stream
Translation: Evelyn and Hazy, Timing and Hardsub: Eva, Sound edit : Pei:; all from ECI

JKS It’s Show Time Shanghai 28082016 (ENG SUB)

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13 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk – it’s show time in Shanghai (full show)_20160828”

  1. It is just sweet how Chinese Eels surprise him in a different way 🙂 twice in a row in a different segment 🙂 Just like JKS, i like the video made for him. The most striking sentence as well for me is the one who said that she/he successfully lost weight but JKS suddenly became fat 🙂

    It is true that he gained weight, but I think it is just right and not fat.. he is too slim before. I think he has this “normal weight” now 🙂 and it suits him 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for the effort in translating the full concert.
    I am very happy that eels not only love JKS, but we share our love amongst eels too.
    It’s so amazing!

  3. Pinkie Pie, thanks for giving me this link. I really enjoyed the concert.

    BTW, how about Live in Seoul 2015 link? harhar… (*_*)

    P.S. thanks for the English Sub, ECI… 😀

    • You’re welcome, Newbie Eel! Anytime! 🙂 Actually, I badly want to watch it too huhu but was having a hard time to find one 🙁 I am really looking forward to know how he performs in Seoul.

  4. Thx a lot the team of ECL for the English sub , we Chinese eels are lucky bcx we can understand what he said curing the show bcx of the Chinese translator . We really hope that there will be the English sub with all his shows . I bought some of his concerts DVD but no English sub I don’t understand what he talking about during the shows ,but anyway I just enjoy watching him and hearing him singing , but would be more entertaining if i can understand what he is talking about . Thx again all the lovely ladies for their hard work and time for the enjoyment of the JKS eels . Like Pinky Pie said how about the other concerts ?? Are we a bit greedy to see the other show with English sub!,!! , Hahaha thx thx thx Byebye have a nice day all JKS eels

  5. Hi sis Tenshi do you remember you have download one of his concerts in Japan with the English sub . i deleted it by accident ,would you please do it again thx so much

  6. Hi guys….I’m kinda late to know him and really want to watch as many of his video as possible. This link died already. Has anyone the alternative link or link for download maybe? I’d really appreciate it 🙁


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