[ENG-SUB] JKS Huajiao broadcast_20160827

Credit: uploader
English Translation: Hazy (ECI and Cri J Singapore)
Timing, editing and hardsub: Pei (ECI and Cri J Singapore)
Original source: http://www.huajiao.com/l/29196026

Edited JKS part only


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12 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS Huajiao broadcast_20160827

  1. JKS is so close with his managers, he treats them like his good friends.. Prove that he really is a nice person.. Jason works with some other Korean actors too but his relation with them seems just for work and not to be friends. Beside his status as a superstar, JKS never acts like a diva, he values everyone arround him.. That’s whiy he’s so precious^^

    • Oh really!! That’s why we see Jason occasionally.. Still our Prince is as friendly with Jason as with Geunsama.. He again proved what he said in Candy ” I am at a level where no one can comprehend me ” A man with a golden heart..He is the real Pretty Man right??

      • He’s the real definition of word “beautiful”.. Not only handsome face, but his heart is even more beautiful. As you said a man with a golden heart^^ . Yes, Jason also works with some other K-actors, Rain and Kim Tae Hee are some of them.

      • Yes sis Suk too said in shenzen interview that Jason controls his activities in China.. Still love the friendship between Prince, Geunsama n Jason.. Thanks for ur info..

      • Hi to the both of you 🙂 Yes, seems that JKS and Jason has a deep friend relationship. Not just manager + talent relationship hehe. I saw JKS’ guesting in Happy Camp years ago, the hosts in the show even gave a description on how their relationship is hehe. The funny thing about that is that they say most of the managers stand seriously at the side of the stage while watching their talents, if their talent did something not that good they will make a sign on what to do or what. But in the case of JKS and Jason, they say, Jason is the one bowing down to JKS or adjusting to JKS. I find it cute 🙂 hehe JKS has a naughty-cute personality

        JKS is a very versatile person indeed. Wherein he can get close to anyone he is working with. Regarding on the status of the person, it may be the managers or staff. Everyone because he has a golden heart 🙂

        By the qay priya, I always see your name in this comment section, from
        Which country are you?:)

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