[Video] JKS in Japanese morning TV shows to promote ‘Darling Darling’_20160727

I translated some parts referring to JKS new song ‘Darling Darling’ or MV making only.

Credit: MUSIC Info
In this song, JKS sings to voice women’s feelings in love for the first time. His dancing scene was recorded for the first time, too. “JKS: It’s 5:10 in the morning now. My feeling right time is… Darling Darling, I feel I want to cry~” The filming continued from early morning to the next day. The longest filming for his MV.

Credit: tubu rinko
We can see his cute dance with impressive hand movements in the new MV. Even he learned how to dance on that filming day, he succeeded to record dancing perfectly on the first try.

Morning CROSS
“JKS: I’ve come back, bringing a new song after a long interval. I want to sing and dance with you!”

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