[How to watch] tvN ‘My Ear’s Candy’ live

tvN new reality show ‘My Ear’s Candy’ is going to premiere on August 18th 23:00 (Korea local time). Please be sure to watch it live! We’ll share some ways to see it live. We’re not sure which one is the best. We’ll update if we know more ways.
1) Access http://tv.idol001.com/idoltv-tvn.html
2) It seems they provide apps for mobile users. For iPhone users, For Android users.

1) Access http://www.hanyutai.com/tvN.php?mobile=no

1) Access http://www.92flvtv.com/live/krtv/mtvn.php

*AQ Stream
1) Access https://aqstream.com/tvn/tvN
2) Click some left links until you can see the TV. They provide some links for mobile phones or HD quality.

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