[fan-made MV] Daebak (대박) – 비- 카시오페아 (Feat. 임정희) -Dae Gil and Dam Seo

Credit: Valeria Antonia from ECI

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4 thoughts on “[fan-made MV] Daebak (대박) – 비- 카시오페아 (Feat. 임정희) -Dae Gil and Dam Seo”

  1. Thank you for bringing back fond memories of the drama and Daegil!!

    What drama are you all watching after Daebak? I may watch a few episodes of 3 new dramas just to check out the actor and actresses who had previously co-starred with JKS : Lee Moon Shik [Baek Man Geum} in Wanted, charming Park Shin Hye in Doctors, and pretty Park Se Young in Beautiful Mind. PSY acted as Yoona’s rival in Love Rain.

    • I’m not watching any drama after Daebak. I don’t know but kdramas without Suk in the cast doesn’t appeal to me now.. Haha!!


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