[News] Jang Geun-seok shows sweet smile arriving at ‘Jackpot’ wrap up party

Source: Newsen

Jang Geun-seok arrived at the venue in his supercar. He showed the sweet smile to greet his fans, who gatehred around the restaurant.

Despite the drama suffered from the constant low viewership rating, the great acting performances by the actors and actresses in the show drew favorable reviews. “Doctors” starring Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won will begin on June 20 taking over the airtime from “Jackpot”.

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9 thoughts on “[News] Jang Geun-seok shows sweet smile arriving at ‘Jackpot’ wrap up party”

  1. We do not care about the ratings.What is more important is the superb acting by,in particular,Daegil,King Sukjong,Yi InJa and the rest of the cast.JKS has proven his exceptional acting ability in this drama.

  2. Suk is satisfied and his eels are super satisfied.. What else would have high ratings done?? Very happy that suk did so many difficult scenes in his career and had a great chance to work with all daebak actors like choi min soo, jun kwang ryul and his teacher.. having so beautiful music and good script in his name..

  3. Sukkie and his supercar..wow!! It’s OK, he has the reasons to smile, his acting skill’s finally recognized by his people with very good review and I’m sure that will make a big move in his acting career..forget about the viewer rating, and it’s not that low for nowadays dramas.

  4. So many drama for citizen to choose,but for my view Daebak have great actor and great story,I”m starting to watch again

  5. I am very proud of Sukkie. I knew it all the time that he can act very well and I’m extremely grateful that he choose to care less about ratings this time. He couldn’t make a better choice. He is happy with his acting, I’m happy with it too, because, let’s name it, it was GREAT. He proved me that he understood what means “to be the story”, “to be in the story”. I’m so proud of him. And my happiness and pride rise even more when I see so many people are appreciating him and that they are content with what he has done in this movie. He deserves all this because he worked a lot. I believed in him, in his abilities and now he proved his value again. I would never stop to love him. This spirit is so beautiful…that I want to merge with it…for eternity…


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