[Pics] JKS with ‘Daebak’ costars and staff

Original source: muka_oh Instagram

Original source: cho_soyo Instagram

Original source: mingnoodle Instagram
#’Daebak’ B team group photo >_< >_< Over.. It's finally about to end.. Oh, yeah [e-he-ra-di-ya]!
#대박 비팀 단체사진 >_< >_< 끝나긴 끝나는구나 에헤라디야 Original source: soojung.b Instagram
#In Mungyeong #outside #final #SBS #Daebak #shooting
June 13th is really the last shooting date!

#문경 #야외 #마지막 #sbs #대박 #촬영
진짜 막촬은 13일!

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8 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with ‘Daebak’ costars and staff”

  1. I hope he will take a good rest after this.. He still has some schedules ahead, he will be super busy before his enlistment i guess. Please take care of your health my prince…thanks for your hardwork and endless effort for Daebak. Love you!

  2. Gonna miss my prince as daegil.. But also excited for his coming MVs.. Can watch him singing and acting again.. Take good care dear..

  3. Thanks to all of you guys who made “Daebak.” I really enjoyed watching it and learned more about Korea. I’m gonna miss JKS and I hope to see more in the future. Now I know more Korean actors. From Daebak I like Seol Lim (Kim Ga Eun) and Yeo Jin Goo.


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