6 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 19

  1. Thank you for your recap and I found your summary catching all the notes – DaeGil being called YeongSoo by the dying King, your writing of Choi MinSoo’s acting – really what a bravura performance….and yes – I feel so stressed at the end…I was like – what what what are you doing to me? What kind of an ending is this??? …Well done on the recap. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the review! simple yet you have covered all the important points in the Ep!

    a side note: KBS is doing a repeat telecast of M3 from tonight onwards at 11pm!

    • I got the news today only Eve.. So happy.. I love this drama a lotttt.. Happy that its indeed too popular even after 5 yrs.. Thats the magic of JKS dramas.. Its like a slap to all those who talk just nonsense abt the drama..

  3. Sis it was a very good recap.. Loved all ur thoughts.. Eels recapping is better than all sis.. I will miss Choi Min Soo too.. But my heart is at ease that he loves our daegil and finds him deserving..

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