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June 5, 2016 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article. If you do not want to see, please do not click the link “Read rest of this entry”. We welcome all the comments and please share your thoughts too about ‘Daebak’. Thanks.

Author: Eileen Tan from ECI
Photo credits: SBS

Episode 19… With less than 5 episodes to go, I am curious how the plot will continue to unfold..

A solemn atmosphere as Master Kim Chae Gun reported to the sickly King about his failed mission, with a flashback of Dam Seo’s sacrifice from the previous episode. The King was utterly disheartened to learn that his foe; In Jwa is still at large.
Meanwhile, we return to where episode 18 has ended, with In Jwa killing his favoured son Prince Yeonryung as an act of revenge of his dead adopted daughter, Dam Seo. Is ironic how In Jwa can lay blame at the King when he is the root of all these innocent bloodsheds.

The three leaders of the Soron faction were asked to go over to Prince Yeonryung’s residence, and were surprised to see In Jwa roaming around the house freely, with no sign of Prince Yeonryung.

The ministers entered the quarter despite calling out to Prince a couple of times, and were shaken with what they saw – a coffin with Prince Yeonryung’s body in it!
In Jwa nonchalantly explains that there’s no evidence he is behind prince’s death and it is also a golden opportunity once and for all to get rid of their common eyesore – Prince Yeoning and the Noron faction. Minister Kim was enraged and rejected the idea, but with In Jwa’s convincing tales, they eventually gave in.

Chief State Councilor Kim Chang Jip and the other Noron leaders arrived. One of the prince’s attendant got questioned about what has happened, but he was instructed by one of In Jwa’s man, to answer… that he saw a young man. Minister Kim hints to Councilor Kim it may be Yeoning – with the most to gain with Prince Yeonryung’s death.

Baek Dae Gil finds Prince Yeoning in a drunkard state. Yeoning asks his brother if he will leave him too, since everyone he holds dear have all left him – Mother and Dam Seo. Dae Gil shouldered his younger brother home (Awww so brotherly!), until his bodyguard took over.
Back at home, Dae Gil was solemn in deep thoughts, with rest of members at home watching by…
Just then, Master Kim Chae Gun came home and they had a private chat.

Dae Gil told Chae Gun that Dam Seo’s death was not his fault since she chose to do it, but doesn’t understand why did Dam Seo has such a fate when she did nothing wrong.

Chae Gun like a fatherly figure, advises him to just let it out.. As Dae Gil cries over being unable to protect those he cares for the most.

The ministers reported to Crown Prince Yoon about Prince Yeonryung’s death – due to indigestion. Crown Prince did not express any extreme emotions learning this news and told his ministers he will tell the King himself the next morning. Oh no~
Yeoning woke up from his sober state to learn about the shocking news of Prince Yeonryung’s death and rushed over to his quarter to see it for himself.

On the street, is chaos with commoners learning of the news and felt sorry that the prince died at such a young age, overheard by Dae Gil who is also out in the street.

At In Jwa’s residence, In Jwa is polishing his blade (in a psychotic manner) while sharing his plan to kill the sickly king, with his men.

“Hold off for now”, someone in the residence said. It’s rebel Jeong, who explained to In Jwa that the king will die soon.

Back at the palace, Crown Prince Yoon broke the news of Yeonryung’s death to the ailing King. This scene is so heart breaking!! King ordered his body to be brought over, with disapproval from his ministers, citing reasons that body is not allowed to be brought into the palace 🙁
(This is too much >.<) 12

Rebel Jeong has finally decided to join hands with In Jwa, with a blood oath as honour. In jwa gives the blood oath to rebel Jeong as a sign of trust.
Now that Prince Yeonryung has died, officials are confiscating all of the assets from the commoners. Apparently, the late Prince Yeonryung has taken pity on the people, and gave away his land and assets to the people, and lived off humbly. (Aww we didn’t know that, know we know what you are the king’s favoured son! Filled with so much of compassion..)

Dae Gil spotted his father sneaking the street and he followed on behind to find him missing – Then pulls Dae Gil to a back alley for a private chat. His dad reminded Dae Gil that his life belongs to the people, and Dae Gil asked his dad for help in looking for rebel Jeong.
Like a secret agent, his dad rallied his people to gather information out at the streets and Dae Gil eventually found rebel Jeong. (I so adore how his dad became so formidable after his near to death experience. Lol)
Rebel Jeong told Dae Gil the truth that In Jwa was the one behind Prince Yeonryung’s death and Yeoning is trying to cover up. Dae Gil was startled to learn of Yeoning’s intention to protect himself, while rebel Jeong continue to preach to him on how bad the nation has become and a rebellion is needed for the sake of the people. Dae Gil seems rather convinced as rebel Jeong told him he can changed things by becoming a King without the expense of others lives.

Dae Gil and Yeoning had a tense exchange that night with both brothers distrust each other. Dae Gil was fuming with anger, and flipped the table.

He did not understand why Yeoning covers up Prince Yeonryung’s death and is calm about it. While Yeoning citied that Dae Gil is not being honest about his biological father, and has met up with rebel Jeong. The meeting ended off with bitterness and more misunderstandings, with both of them not sharing their true intentions for the good of a bigger picture.

Dae Gil had a ‘family meeting’ back at home and raised issues on the people behind those who were seizing the late Prince Yeonryung’s assets from the commoners. They found it suspicious that the seizure came all too quickly right upon his death.

Sick with all the corruptions from the officials and all, he is determined to help the people of this nation. Dae Gil announced that he will be joining hands with rebel Jeong! -WHATT??!!
Dae Gil met up with rebel Jeong and agree to cooperate and become a King, with the condition that rebel Jeong has to cut off all ties with In Jwa. Rebel Jeong got his men to blindfold Dae Gil and lead him to an undisclosed secret place, where all the rebel comrades gathered around.

Rebel Jeong challenge Dae Gil to make a transaction that night as prove to him that he is ready to dirty his hand and being part of it. (Omo what is this!!! Dae Gil, get out of this right away!)

Dae Gil met up with a head soldier with the rest of rebel Jeong and gang watching by behind. He handed a bunch of money and has to inspect some merchandise which to viewer’s amaze, it seems to be those items that were confiscated from the people after Prince Yeonryung’s death??
”Are you Satisfied..?” – Head soldier asked.

Dae Gil replied – “No, not yet. You should return it to original owner” – (Huh?!)

Just then…………………….

Without making any sense, the closed gates burst open with commoners wielding all kinds of weapons come pouring through! This is then rebel Jeong realizes that Dae-gil set him up, but it is too late with Master Chae Gun and his men come in to make the arrest! Yeayyy!!
A flashback showing witty Dae Gil dropped tujeon cards as hints, when he was led to the secret hideout blindfolded. Seems like Dae Gil did not let his guard down after all, hearing from Hong Mae that In jwa and rebel Jeong had made a blood oath. Also Yeon-hwa and Seol-im had found out that the seized merchandise were the act of rebel Jeong! What a turn of events!

Dae Gil confronted rebel Jeong with a strong statement; “I, Daek Bae Gil, have only one cause in my heart. You see those people people holding these weapons here? …………….. A nation should be like a nation and people should live like people.” (So man!!!)
Rebel Jeong draws a sword at him in agony, with Dae Gil attacked in return. One of the commoners stop him on the basis that he should not dirty his hands with blood. (Ahjusshi, I love you!!)
Just then, rebel Jeong made his escape, but got caught by Yeoning and his guards who seem to waiting there for him to make his grand appearance 😉

Dae Gil task isn’t over yet – He was back in the house rummaging through rebel Jeong’s belongings to find the blood oath, but unexpectedly found the opium that was used to poison the king, and handed it over to Yeoning.

Yeoning commented that the King would be grateful for arresting rebel Jeong, Dae Gil responded back that he did it not for the King, and his target is still on In Jwa. (Your biological father can’t wait to get rid of In Jwa too, Dae Gil! Tsk tsk..)

Yeoning reported to his father by his sick bed that Dae Gil arrested rebel Jeong, and the king is pleased.

The sickly King asked for Dae Gil to ask what he plans to do in the future, living as a mere gambler? Dae Gil answered him honestly that he wish to live life on his own without any royal connection, as a citizen of this nation, as Baek Dae Gil.

The King asked Dae Gil to come closer. “Youngsoo” (birth name), the King calls him fondly. With hint of tears in Dae Gil’s eyes, he listens on to what King has to say..

“An older brother must act like an older brother. A younger brother must act like a younger brother. That is the way of things. That is the basic moral in the world. Keep that in mind. ”

Next morning, the ailing king sat at his compound fully dressed up, giving his last piece of advice to Yeoning, that is not to make an enemy nor join hands with Dae Gil, accepting that they have each different path and to accept each other’s fate.
King was worried for Yeoning and assured him that he will leave a way for him to stay alive, and wants his son to take care of his health while he takes on the throne one day and will lead Joseon in future generations..

“The time, went by so quickly”, King said his final words as he took his last breath and passes on. (Author is crying buckets at this point! I will miss you King!)
The palace representative made an announcement of the King’s death, with Dae-gil learning of the news outside the palace gates.

Eileen’s Note:
When Dae Gil finally decided to join hands with the Rebel Jeong, deep down I’m cursing so much. I am so glad he did not disappoint me, with his brainy witty scheme with master Chae Gun, he added a nice twist to the plot by arresting Rebel Jeong in the end! That scene is so heroic, so man and so sexy~ I have replayed it countless times!! I am moved when the King called out to his son by his birth name, Youngsoo, with tears welling up Dae Gil’s eyes. The relationship between father and son is neither of acceptance or denial but ended with a good note, with things ought to say, being said.

The love-hate brotherly relationship between Prince Yeoning and Dae Gil is an interesting watch. Trust is built with actions to prove. I am definitely looking forward for more sparks between them.

I so adore how Baek Man Gum has become so formidable after his near to death experience. Living like a mysterious man with his own men? Gosh! So different from the gambler we used to know! What exactly happened during his absence? I am looking forward to more of Baek Man Gum in the coming episodes.

The ending is such a heavy one, crying my hearts out watching the King leaving his final words one by one to his beloved sons. I have to pay special tribute to the King (Choi Min-soo), who has portrays his character from a charismatic diplomatic King in his earlier days to later a wise fatherly king and towards the end, a sickly King. Very realistic acting, not too over and I am indeed honoured to have watched him stay through till episode 19 as he took his final breath, leaving his last words behind. Thank you King!

Think many viewers are like me, with much hatred for In Jwa! When will he die? Really… With 5 more episodes, I think we need him alive for the story to carry on. So hang on there~ [END]

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