13 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 15”

  1. Thank you Nikki!I wound never guess this was your first review ever! You are good. 🙂

    I love that scene when Dae Gil saves Seol Im. I was so sure it would be Dae Gil and Dam Seo, but I´m not that anymore… Even Suk doesn´t know that. Didn´t he said that yesterday at the press con? He wasn´t sure whom Dae Gil will kiss… 😀

    Can´t wait to watch ep.17 on Monday!

  2. Completely agreed with u sis.. Cutter’s death scene was very emotional.. but i expected it to be more interesting. Six ghost’s & gol sa’s death was very interesting and this scene was too predictable.. But liked the devil smile of our daegil n the way he saved seol im (that was the best scene).. And i am too upset with the romance part.. Only 8 eps r left.. Still i have faith on the script like Sukkie said.. Thanks sis for the recap.. I can never say its ur 1st time..

    • Hi, don’t feel upset over the romance part. I’m guessing there may be some romantic scenes in the remaining 8 episodes. So far, Dae Gil has been portrayed as a tough hero, confident gambler, skilful swordsman, but viewers have yet to see him as a romantic guy. Only thing is, who will be his love interest – Seol Im, Dam Seo or Yeon Hwa?!

  3. Hey sis Nikki you did it again….
    Your really excellent in doing things like this..
    Keep it up…

    Your jksphil.fc sissies is indeed very proud of you and im
    one of them…


  4. Thanks Nikki….wonderful recap..
    On the romance part.. I don’t think Dam Seo will be with Yeoning for she is not in the annals..
    Just wondering about the other two ladies
    Since Daebak is not a “lovestory” I don’t expect much from that part..but I anticipate more mindbending suspence and good fightscenes.. DaeGil looks so sexy doing those


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