[exclusive article] Korean star Jang Keun Suk, will establish JKS Foundation this year… “Expand Sharing”

Original source: Yonhapnews
English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI

“I want to work hard and earn money righteously, so as to be able to share more”

Korean star JKS will establish a foundation under his name this year.

On 7 Jan, JKS revealed in an interview with Yonhap news, “I will establish a JKS foundation this year, and will continue to expand current sharing. The plan to establish this foundation started 5 years ago, and has gone through thorough preparation. At my age now, I think it is the right time to materialize the plan.”

JKS has donated 1.2 billion Korean won to his alma mater Hanyang University, 1 billion won to the Japan earthquake, 100 million won to the Philippines typhoon, and has continuously been making big and small donations over the past 10 years.

He has also been supporting 100 over kids through charitable groups, and at the same time with his fan club, donating and doing volunteer work at the Namsanwon children centre. He is called a “Charity Angel”.

However, his charitable image was affected by his “tax issues” last year.

JKS says “When I saw the distorted reports, I felt hurt, but I could persevere on because of my fans who believed in me. Till now, I did not break the law, and have worked hard righteously to earn money. And I will continue to do so, and expand my sharing through my hard-earned money.”

JKS was one of the 6 who was conferred with the title of “Sharing Professor” last Oct, shared practical experiences with the students on Charity (Philanthropy).

JKS added, “I will donate blankets if they are hit by typhoon, will build a school if they need one, and will financially support seniors and juniors in the entertainment business who are in need, and will be more active in sharing. To gain positive energy through sharing, I wish to continue living this way.”

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13 thoughts on “[exclusive article] Korean star Jang Keun Suk, will establish JKS Foundation this year… “Expand Sharing””

  1. wow , amazing , i wished he’ll do so because of his charity activities and fortunately he will this year , more and more big moves beautiful soul .

  2. words can not describe how much I am proud of him! he is not only an artist who we admire, but a role model for all of us. thanks guys for sharing

  3. This EEL so proud of you ,you are beautiful in and out,we all love you forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Keun Suk the world needs much more people like you, because love is what makes the world go round. You are a very special person with a kind heart. Love you ♥

  5. im proud to be one of his eel, he is really such a amazing person! keep up the good work our prince.. we are very proud of you 🙂

  6. Although I became a fan only in the last few months, when I read the articles about the tax situation I thought how ridiculous that anyone could believe JKS himself would have done something like that even by accident. And really a Celebrity of his stature with his type and scope of activities and income would not be doing his own taxes. It’s a shame he was treated in such a way that he felt he had to leave the program he had been working on. In learning about him, reading articles, watching the interviews and concerts that I could find which are English subtitled, I know he is truly caring, kind and generous and he does not simply wear his philanthropy like a coat to be removed when unnecessary.

  7. I am very proud of you, of being your admirer, I will always be there to support you, because we know what a wonderful human being you are and all that you give us with sincere love.


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