[article] Jang Keun Suk will be holding lectures as the first Professor in Sharing in Korea

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English translation: Wen Lee from ECI

Actor Jang Keun Suk will be holding lectures for his juniors at Hanyang University.

Last month, JKS received attention when he was appointed as the first Professor in Sharing in Korea. He will be holding lectures to promote culture of donations and charity.

On the 10th of December, JKS will exchange ideas with students as a special professor for ‘Understanding and Realising Philanthropy’. ‘Philanthropy’ is to understand and try the best to solve some of the problems facing humans. Giving one’s time, skills, resources, including donations and volunteering, participation and fund-raising, etc. A broader concept which is more meaningful than just charity.

It has especially attracted peoples’ attention as it was a subject created in response to students’ sincere request. JKS kindly accepted and looking forward to an hour or so interaction with students, sharing his experiences.

Not only that, JKS has attracted peoples’ attention as an actor who has become the first Professor in Sharing. For his juniors, JKS has made donations several times and set up a scholarship fund. His name is in the University’s Honours Hall. He has made immense contributions to his University and fellow students hence was appointed as Professor in Sharing.

Not only does he love his university but he has been repaying society continuously through charity. We are getting curious as to what JKS will share with his students.

A JKS rep said: ‘Through this opportunity to be able to stand in front of juniors, JKS felt it’s a big responsibility. He is preparing eagerly. With this as a start, will work harder to be a good role model for his juniors.

On the other hand, JKS is creating heat wave in Japan with his ‘2015 Jang Keun Suk Live in Osaka’ on 22nd-23rd.

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  1. He will always be a good model not only to his juniors but for all ages. Congratulations to our boss AP JANG KEUN SUK!(clap, clap, clap).

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