[ENG-SUB] [Channel H] Hanyang, help night (JKS part only)

The translation starts from 00:28.

Credit: 한양대학교
Original source: https://youtu.be/oTPRcks9PAI
English translation: tenshi_akuma
Timing and uploading: Saad Otaibi

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3 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] [Channel H] Hanyang, help night (JKS part only)”

  1. proud of you my dearly keun keep it up and reach your real dreams in life no matter what it takes cause we will alwaaays be with you

  2. Hi!congradulations Prof.Jang really proud of you hope you can achieve all yourgoals in the near future i do hope to have a son like you.Please take a good rest after all your overseas shows

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