[Trailer] CRI SHOW III in Kobe

UPDATE: replaced the previous one with the official trailer (June 16, 2015)

Credits: CS TBSチャンネル

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7 thoughts on “[Trailer] CRI SHOW III in Kobe

  1. Do you know if there’s a way for USA residents to view this over the Internet when it’s broadcast? I know the chances for viewing are slim, but I figured I ask – and thanks for any info that you might have 🙂

    • TBS channel is paid cable TV in Japan, so only the subscribers can watch. No way to watch it live. I hope kind eels will share the content later.

  2. He will probably travel to Tokyo today. Hope to see a lot of pictures and videos later. 🙂 Hope he won`t wear a mask. 😉 Can`t wait!

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