30 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Russian eels’ way to support JKS: Russian Grove project”

  1. This is so immensely sweet and constructive! I’m constantly amazed by all of the wonderful things that Eels think up in their desire to support and please JKS. Imaginative and fruitful projects like this must be so gratifying to him, and are such a great way to thank him for giving so much of himself to us. It’s very easy to see why he treasures his Eels so much –

  2. One of the most beautiful projects I have ever seen!! Bravo bravo Russian eels soooo proud of you…. I hope we can make this an International project coz it’s really a very good idea …. All the love from Amman-Jordan

  3. Oh, such a wonderful idea in so many ways! He has Tree J, and you have planted trees in his name! 🙂 I hope Suk will hear about this. 🙂

  4. Such a wonderful project. I am sure our Prince will love it. I grow a lot of trees on my Botanical Day. I want to tie the ribbons to them to remind me of my Sugar. I wonder what day of the week he was born. I gues,s from his character he must have been a Tuesday boy “with full of grace”, and the colour is pink. Can anyone confirm that I am right or not?

    • No one answers my question on what day of the week is our Prince birthday. So I did a little research on what day of the week is September 26, 1987 on Gregorian calendar and found out that it was a Saturday. Saturday child is loving and caring, and the colour of the day is purple. Now I can tie the trees I grow for my Sugar with purple ribbons.

  5. great job, Russian eels! our prince will be so happy to know what u all have done!
    philippine eels, let’s prepare something to celebrate our prince’s bday in august too! i am very willing to help and i am sure there are many of us eels who want to do the same!

  6. Amazing and very meaningful indeed…
    Planting trees for the future generation in behalf of his name…
    Good job Russian eels.

  7. A million thumbs up for Russian eels, what they did is very inspiring and beneficial to our mother earth. They did a very great and wonderful job and got inspired to JKS to do such a thing that everyone can benefit too. You brought the name of our boss JKS to inspire the world. very proud.. Continue to ZIKZIN for our prince JKS. ^_^

  8. Great idea! Congrats Russian Eels! You must also plant purple roses, as our prince. Passionate, perfect and irresistibly beautiful.

  9. Hi Tenshi,
    There is girl on Eels club North America under name 7sf ,she wrote and sing song about JKF. How she can post on your side for other people to hear it?

  10. With everything said, this is certainly a wow endeavor on the part of JKS Russian Eels – not just caring and focusing on Sukkie alone but also on people’s environment which could prove beneficial to the future generation.

    As always it is a loud and clear account of a very solid JKS support……

    JKS takes pride in you Russian Eels. Mabuhay! (Filipino word which is equivalent to something like “long live eels”).

  11. This is suuuuuperb work by eels.. OMG!! Eels never stop me being amazed.. So proud we r the best fans.. Did Prince know abt this??

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