[Pics-3] JKS departs from Sapporo after CRI SHOW III_20150520

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11 thoughts on “[Pics-3] JKS departs from Sapporo after CRI SHOW III_20150520

  1. hi Sukkie!

    What’s up – feeling weary, relieved and glad all at the same time, i guess. Hugs and big hugs for your another recently concluded two hall concerts 🙂 🙂 :). Cheers!

    Done with your much needed rest? Why not go try checking this out and see how your adoring eels came up with one common verdict of your Sapporo airport departure attire (was it yesterday?).

    Yup, i agree with them. You look so sleek and so elegant in that smart casual white long sleeve shirt matched with a distressed pair of jeans on top of leather topsider shoes and a cap – awesome as they usually say.

    White color as far as i can recall is one among your super favorite colors, right? Anyway, the bracelet and the gold watch perfectly complement them with a Capital “T” as well. Good choice set of clothes. Very decent and dignified looking Sukkie, yay! That’s despite the ruggedness of the jeans, huh?

    But then you always look good,clean and fresh straight from the showers in whatever get up you choose to wear. Stay healthy Sukkie.

  2. Thanks Tenshi ! His smiling eyes…. oh…. are like moonlight that glows in the night and lights your way… like ray of sunlight that warms you on a cold day …like a ray of hope that warms your soul in midst of the storm…

  3. Two months ago I happened to be in an Arabic-language networks saw an episode you’re beautiful and I love this character … I wish I was his girlfriend…He is a gentleman. Jang’s always happy and joyful hope you and enjoy your life. I am waiting Qshngt series.

  4. Yap, only by looking at his happy eyes, I know he is ok. And these eyes really goes deep into my heart and nurture me. Thank you!

  5. Yes any outfit or look that JKS goes for always looks amazing on him. He knows how to carry himself. So happy to see him smiling despite of having the mask on his face. He still looks great!

  6. i learned from a blue eel friend that “Kita-kitsune” (brand of his long sleeves) is one of the symbols in Hokkaido. he wore that on purpose for he is very knowledgeable and really considerate.. he always knows what makes the place and it’s inhabitants special and always makes a reference.. he is such an intelligent boy………. sis Mamacri and Nako, thanks for this.

  7. I think there’s a kita kitsune (northern fox) village in Hokkaido…I read about it long time ago. Indeed Keun Suk is very handsome and dashing plus a really intelligent guy.

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