[Pic] Lotte Duty Free APP “明星爱为你” JKS Pictures

Original source: Lotte Duty Free APP “明星爱为你”

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10 thoughts on “[Pic] Lotte Duty Free APP “明星爱为你” JKS Pictures”

  1. I really want Suk to do well in life, even much later when he has his own family. That he will be blessed with a good wife who will love him even when he is no longer Jang Keun Suk the Hallyu actor.

    I just want the very best for him. I hope eels will continue to support his works. I am glad that he made the decision to attend graduate school. It makes me confident that he is aware of the vulnarabilities of the Korean entertainment industry and he is preparing himself for his future.

  2. You’re a wonder my dear boy! You always surprise us with a look, a smile, simple things that you turn them into wonders!


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