18 thoughts on “[Fan Account] 2014 TEAM H Party in Fukuoka by Casey (2)”

  1. And you’re still alive! waw! if I been in your place, may be I would not survive to write this fan account. Hhhhhh
    It’s really refreshing to share with us your experience, it seems as if we were behind him. txs and happy you 😉

  2. Casey sis… Thank you for sharing the lovely FA and my heart beats as fast as you too as I remember the close encounter with Suk at GZ airport with 4 other sisters from ECI… he also turned around when to wave bye to us when our eel sister called up “Bye” to him at the departure gate…. I can understand your feeling so much as that smile was really sincere and killing as well ^_^

  3. Gosh! How did you survive? Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your excitement with us. You expresses your excitement very well that I felt I was following you and my Sugar!!!

  4. Omg reading something like this makes me feel a bit sad !! Cuz it just hit me how far i’m or eels form him or his true self !cuz when we see him in drama or movies and you feel so close to him like you knew every thing about him . While in reality we are not even close to see him in person ! And to find out that your feelings for him is shared with million over girls and he dosen’t even know aobut my existence ..its kinda sad lol.!

    • Hi Randa, don’t be sad. Liking a star like Jang Keun Suk is very different of liking someone in your life. I respect and admire JKS for the artist he is. I really enjoy being part of the wonderful community of fans/eels that has formed because of him. I am very happy that there are many eels around the world whom I can talk to. We all have our family and friends that we cherish and JKS is just another cherished person in our lives. Many eels have significant others and some are even happily married. I wish our all our eel sisters and brothers lives full of happiness and joy just like I wish for JKS. Zikzin!

  5. Dear randa,
    i have same opinion with you, but it’s feel like we love to someone but when we saw him , we can’t countrol our feeling.
    I think it just like that. .

  6. Such an amazing ending of your stay in Fukuoka! Dear Casey, you are unbelievably lucky, first the concerts and now this!

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I got excited just reading it. Can´t even imagine how it would be to actually be there. And you have even managed to take the pictures! 🙂

  7. This is such exciting encounter…you were so close to him all the time..OMO. I’m happy for you that you mustered enough courage to call out to him…such a great smile for you alone…this is really once a lifetime

  8. I envy you! if i were you i feel a have a heart attack during those times i understand why you are shaking well that’s so normal hehehe 🙂

  9. Thx for sharing your FA dear Casey this is the first time I read it 👏👍😍I can only say that you are really lucky can see him so close , I also went to see his show in Tokyo but can hardly see him clearly !🙄🙄🤣🤣

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