[fan-cam] JKS departs from Fukuoka to Incheon_20141014

Credits: riaxxx0706

Credits: sanxsan xsan

Credits: まーちゃん☆JKS

Credits: erierieriish

Credits: elfin0804

Credits: moejkslove

Credits: nya yori

Credits: dara_island

Credits: reomama

Credits: Chikako Yasunami

Credits: kaoru8884

Credits: AJksunagi831

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12 thoughts on “[fan-cam] JKS departs from Fukuoka to Incheon_20141014”

  1. Yes, Sukkie is always nice to his fans.

    I´m glad eels have got a chance to say properly good buy to him. I though he left quietly because we didn´t hear anything all day. How did they know when he was leaving?

    • They were just waiting at the airport, checking flight schedule from Fukuoka to Incheon. Actually they were waiting even in the morning, but he didn’t appear.

  2. Thx for sharing !👏👍🙏💋❤️This is the first time I saw this video ! We cannot use words to describe his beautiful face and he was so cheerful that day ! and you can see the warmth that the Japanese eels to him . No wonder he go to Japan so often ! and he has thousands of fans there 💋❤️😍🥰👏👍🙏


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