37 thoughts on “[Fan Account] JKS used a birthday gift ‘Camping Tent’ from EuropEels!”

  1. So proud of our efforts…esp thanks to Eva Charelli and all the admins from FC of France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Greece….no admin for the Netherlands but Eva from FC Italy kindly adopted me …thanks sis
    My wish is that Sukkie gets a good rest when he needs it …cosy under eels tent covered with love…

  2. I’m so happy for European eels from Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, Greece.. really a wonderful and meaningful gift for Suk and I’m even happy that he has started to use this and appreciate the gift from eels ^_^
    Zikzin master and eels!!!

  3. The gift is beautiful! Way to go Europian eels! I didn´t even know about JKS Europe FC. Thank you for make him aware that Europe loves him too. 🙂 I hope he will have a concert in Europe one day.

  4. What a great idea! You all know that he loves camping and once he used the tent it really brought all of you happiness. The love between my Sugar and his international eels are beyond words.

  5. Omo. This was carefully thought out and executed – with amazing results. I can feel the love of EuropEels surrounding AP as he sleeps in his tent. (I showed pictures to a man and he thought it was cool, too). Daebak, daebak, daebak!

  6. Great job European eels! I can also feel how happy you are seeing that JKS used your precious gift. He never fails to show how much he appreciates his eels… He once again proved that being a SUPERSTAR is just a name, no wonder eel’s love for him are beyond expectations. The tent looks comfy! 😉

  7. Awesome!!!! it’s even more awesome to know that our prince does treasure each and every of the gifts sent to him, and that he would, if the occasion arise use them even! Such a thoughtful gift from the EurpoeEels and thanks for sharing your happiness with us! We were all so excited in ECI ^^

  8. I was already amazed when Eva and fellow EuropEels shared their thoughtful gift in ECI back then but it was indeed a very pleasant surprise to know that Sukkie immediately used it for his current camping trip. I feel so happy for the EuropEels and this once again proves that Sukkie really appreciates his eels :). Congrats, EuropEels :)! I’m sure he has been enjoying his time and had a good sleep in the ‘Eelsland Pub’ tent ;).

  9. Omg!! Know only I saw the words written on the tent!! That’s indeed a very good idea and very thoughtful!! What’s the best here is our Prince really use it for camping…aww…so happy and excited for you gals!! Daebak EuropEels!!!

  10. Such a beautiful & meaningful tent! Good job & congratulations, Euro eels! It was made with love & filled with love. Sukkie, may eels’ love be with you, protect you, & be the wind beneath your wings at all time!

  11. have Eva as leader to this project it was great,he reunite eels from many country as possible in Europe,she,the other admin and all european eels who participate make the soul in this project…i am proud to be an european eel and proud to be a member on ECI too…because all together we are a family…Thank you Tenshi Akuma for sharing this story…

  12. First of all, thanks a lot to sis Tenshi for this article! And for correcting my “not so good” english!

    Then, while I still smile from ear to ear thinking about our goal, I want to thank Sabina (Czech Republic) and Satania (France), two of the european admins who helped most, and of course Stefania (Italy), Isabel (Spain), Adriana (Romania), Eva (Hungary), Marta and Ania (Poland). Without them, without our forces joined, we coludn’t reach such an amazing result. It seems our Prince wanted to reward our efforts!! And thanks a lot to all european eels who participated in the project. I’m so proud of everyone!!!

    • Thanks Eva for sharing the name of the other admins..for I can thank them properly too
      Thanks Sabina, Satania, Stefania, Isabel, Adriana, Eva, Marta and Ania; because of you and your eels we made a dream come true…ZIKZIN!!!

    • Many thanks dear Eva! Many thanks for that you have also thought about the Romanian eels and have them involved in this wonderful project. Thanks and respect for your hard work, thanks to all European eels that participating in this project ( Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, Greece ).
      It is for us a great honor to be part of this project and we are happy to have succeeded.
      We, Romanian eels, we love with all our soul Jang Keun Suk , our beloved Prince and through this gift we feel closer to him.
      It’s truly a dream come true ! 🙂 <3
      We are happy to be part of the family of eels from around the world ! ZIKZIN around the world !

  13. And, a little clarification… National Jks fan page or group are relly active, the inactive one was the European fan page, born the first time some years ago. We make it live again, as a meeting point for EuropEels, but every national gropu is really active in updating JKS acivities! 😀

  14. This unition of European Eels was really needed, together we are strong and together we can show our big love to our (World) Prince.
    I’m still so happy and proud of this and I can’t wait to make another project ♥

    What’s even more amazing in my view.. I believe Sukkie asked his friend to post it up, so we can see he is using it. I think it’s unique bond between artist and his fans.
    And I’m so thankful to him for his gesture, he knows how to make eels happy. ♥
    Always and forever proud eel of Jang Keun Suk!!

  15. And us, Italian Eels, we are proud of you, Eva and Stefania… and of all the European EEls who joined the project. Of course a big thank to our Prince JKS who shared with us his free time during this week end, and to Tenshi who gifted us this nice space on the blog!! ZikZin!

  16. Eva and all the European Eels, you making eels from all part of the worlds feeling so happy too knowing that our dear JKS treasure the gifts that send across to him. It is a really a beautiful and meaningful gift and thank you so much Euro eels for sharing this FA.

  17. I read the above FA with happy teary eyes. Congratulations European Eels and you did a great job! All eels love him and he loves us too!

  18. I’m happy to know that Sukkie appreciated the gift that European eels gave. You made the right choice in giving him that gift. It’s just proves that his eels know him so well and he made his eels happy too by using that gift. I so thank you Eva for sharing us this beautiful fan account…….

  19. Awwww….Awesome work and story of European EELs united together to make this project. So very nice, JKS has opportunity to use this fan’s gift.

    This is an example, one picture said thousand words…!!!!

    JKS is always known to use his EELs’ gifts, one way or another. (Based on reading hundreds of FAs…)

    Even though, he might not post all the gifts he used or gifts that sent to him on the internet, I believe JKS appreciates each gifts sent to him or each projects made for him with thankful and joy heart……

    Thank you to all for supporting JKS!!

    • That is so true..he receives so many gifts big/great and small in all variations we are sure he appreciates them…
      Suk has been brought up by his parents…waste not want not…but it’s impossible for him to let us know every detail of how and when..but every now and then he sends us a signal one way or the other (good way to test if his eels have all eyes on him LOL)that he eats, wears or uses our presents…
      If he would show too much and too directly he risks being critized of boosting again..
      I remember his FM 2010? when he received a thick book from the chinese eels (HK or Taiwan, can’t remember) filled with love letters, declarations and pictures…and he was sooo happy…like a child…he started singing his song only to give a excited cry after one sentence…such a happy boy LOLL

  20. What a wonderful idea! Congratulations European eels! I am sure Suk had a wonderful time in the tent feeling surrounded by eels’ love. 🙂

  21. Thanks dear Tenshi that helping us to share our joy with the eels worldwide.
    Thanks and much appreciation for all the important work you are doing and help us to be closer to him.
    You don’t know how hard it’s to think that you probably will not be able to never see him in reality, but the fact that we can be closer to him through generous people like you, make us feel better.
    I’m sure he appreciated all the gifts received from his beloved eels but perhaps this gift sent from Europe was a surprise, since it first of its kind.
    In such moments, no matter how tired and upset you are, reach one conclusion: Life is beautiful! 🙂 <3

  22. is it true tenshi, abt the camp incident? that isnt only a rumour, people said. ( hope you know what I mean, sorry cant elaborate more on this)
    if it were the truth, please .. next time please be consider to other campers Mr. Jang.

    • Hi, Rham. It’s just a little noise because of a party, nothing serious. They only make a story of it because it’ s JKS. And he was not alone there. Don’t worry.

      Besides, he had a telt that looks like a irish pub. We can blame it on the telt. LOL ( Just joking.) 😀

    • What was about the camp incident rham? Just saw some tweets and I’m so puzzled. I’m having a very hectic schedule these days so don’t have much time to know things about him recently…. Hope everything is ok.

    • The news was only partly true, based on the info we got from Cri J. He wasn’t really involved in that incident directly but since he’s a hallyu star, all fingers pointed at him. They had settled the ‘problem’ personally as well. Media just love to exaggerate everything about him that ‘hate-hungry’ netizen can feed themselves with.

      • I agree with what you said, and written in that news link,… we can expect all the bad comments from all the anti whom many we know are jealous of what he has achieved. But JKS knows his Eels more than anyone else.

  23. We made it! I’m so glad! Congratulation, european eels. That was a happy day for me and for everybody who love Asia Prince. That’s for sure. Thanks again! I love you all especially our boss. 😉

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