[2014-08-15] Jang Keun Suk LINE

I thought there was a guy that looked just like JKS in Team H…but when I looked at him carefully, he was Jang Keun Suk…Lol
tenshi_akuma’s note: Suk found this twitter. The person tweeted this was a man. Suk must be happy to know a new-born male eel by reading a lot of good feedback from non-eel audience including his. Many didn’t recognize it was Suk when TEAM H appeared on the last night’s stage. But soon they got so excited like their original fans ^^

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5 thoughts on “[2014-08-15] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

    • lol! I’m laughing at sis comment as I know many eels love his long hair still… but I notice the journey of eels to know Suk is usually one of the following… I belong to the last one.. I know in the end, going to army he has to be like BV! lol!
      So if the new eels are really because of hairstyle…hmm.. interesting to see the journey…^_^

      (1) short hair (YAB) —>long hair (MMM) –> long to short (BM)—> start to miss short hair… first love..
      (2) long hair (MMM) –> short hair (YAB) –> long to short (BM) —> start to miss long hair.. first love…
      (3) short hair (Love Rain) –> long hair (MMM) —> long to short (BM) –> start to miss short hair.. first love
      (4) crew-cut (BV) –> short hair (YAB) –> long hair (MMM) –> long to short (BM) —> any hairstyle will do lah!
      (5) short hair (TeamH) –> ???

      • I don´t think your theory is quite sceintific, QQeyes. Love rain was my first Sukkie drama, and I still sort of hope that he will let his hair grow long again. LOL 😀

      • Zoe, it is not scientific..but observation from eel friends around me ^_^

        There is another theory which I observed…just for fun…LOL!!!
        (1) children, noona, mama eels and grandma eels… love Suk in long hair
        (2) teens to younger adult eels (both male & female) love Suk in short boyish hair…

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