[Pics-2] JKS at SBS Radio Station_20200601

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[article] Welcome Keun Chan….Japan still loves Jang Keun Suk, 70.000 viewers + dominated real time trend

Original source: http://naver.me/F9ndv4Mb
English summary translation: Zoe from ECI

The article says that last webcast on Niconico showed that Suk’s popularity in Japan is unchanged. The webcast had 70.000 viewers, and 100.000 comments. It also mentiones that hashtags “Welcome backJKS” and “어서와근짱” were trending as no.1 and 2 in Japan on 29th May.

Frau Int says that JKS is planning various contents that fans would be able to enjoy even during Covid 19 epidemic. The article also mentiones the next Niconico special webcast on 20th Juni.

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[2020-06-02] Jang Keun Suk Instagram

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Back shot

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