[Video] JKS in MUSIC FAIR_20171007

Credit: Pei Pei
‘I love you’ cover of Ozaki Yutaka

I love u – JKS 投稿者 lppei5

‘For You ~boku-ga-gambareru-riyu [The reason why I can keep hanging in there]~’

For you – JKS 投稿者 lppei5

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18 thoughts on “[Video] JKS in MUSIC FAIR_20171007”

  1. He was perfect because he’s so talented and charismatic!!! I got thrilled!!! I really loved him!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. Thx sis Pei Pei he sings so perfect ,love his voice so much, . The second is one of the songs in the album Voyage right !

  3. I’ve never seen him better than he is here. A beautiful man with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song with so much controlled but sincere emotion. The arrangement is sparse and simple, so we can revel in how lovely his voice is. I’ll watch this over and over and over….

  4. Friends I uploaded For You~ song with English & Romanised lyrics will help of Yachan Sis’s translation.. 🙂

    Link: https://youtu.be/rkIP3YedpeU

    What to say I have gone super crazy for this song, heard it a million times I think and with the lyrics I m loving it more n more.. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Morning Priya, just like you I heard the whole album of Voyage over and over again everyday, thx for your translations and also Yachan , He must have like this song too, that’s why he sang it in the Music Fair . But besides the song Voyage I like most is the list no.8 in my CD started with the word 君 something in Japanese .But actually I love all the songs he sings ! Thx again dear! ,have a good weekend Byebye Love you all ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Morning, Please help !! Why suddenly the video of “I love you “ and “ For you”is written This video does not exist , what happened ?.?? ,!,,

  7. Thx my dear sis Tenshi,I heart fully understand that we eels can rely on each other and can get help from JKS eels .the reason I ask for help bcx I always watch everything about JKS repeatedly !❤️❤️❤️ Thx again goodnight

  8. Dear Priya, I watch and listen to video of the song “ I love you “again and again ! Isn’t, he great! He sings so passionated and sings out the soul of the song and we can feel it, but ocx with the eng sub we understand the whole meaning of the song! Thx so much ,really love his voice sings so well❤️❤️❤️

    • Yes sissss!! He gives everything, so much emotions while singing!!
      Actually in everything he does, he gives his besttttt!! 🙂 ❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Hi, dear Priya, totally agreed with you, that’s why we like him so much really wish all his future DVD can have the Eng sub! at least ! , ,❤️❤️❤️Zikzin our Prince, support you always Good luck good health God bless you ❤️❤️❤️,

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