[Pics] JKS in modelpress interview

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5 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS in modelpress interview

  1. What a nice T shirt poker dot designs and nice color too suit him so well ,Really lovely smile and forever young look. Be happy and Zikzin Prince. Have a nice weekend ,btw are you planning for your Hawaii trip yet ? Take. Good rest and have a nice vacation before your enlistment

  2. From looking at these pictures and listen to his songs .He is really so confident of himself . He surely got both “Gaze and beautiful voice “

  3. Hi I am watching the “Love Rain ” again I think this is the fourth time I watched it, don’t know why I cry every time I watch it . Is it bcx of the story so touching ? Or bcx of the acting of JKS so good that moved me ? But any way he is really a very good actor . I almost watched all his drama and movie repeatedly enjoy so much. Hope that he can make more drama and movie in the near future.

  4. It’s me again, I’ve been searching everywhere the apps but I couldn’t,find the drama “Beethoven virus ” by JKS I really want to watch it again, Can anyone help ? Or may be sis Tenshi ?

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