[Video] JKS LINE LIVE ‘An unexpected LEZ GO!’ #2 (no-subbed)

Original source: https://live.line.me/channels/1626265/broadcast/4330111

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Lslqwp7Jyws

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5 thoughts on “[Video] JKS LINE LIVE ‘An unexpected LEZ GO!’ #2 (no-subbed)”

  1. Hi everyeels ,even though I don’t understand Japanese, but I can understand he speaks so fluently his Japanese . Really wish he can improve his Chinese a little bit . Dear JKS don’t you know you have millions of Chinese eels all over the world .to support you and love you .

  2. Happy Birthday dear JKs I understand the celebrations of your birthday will last for almost a month,many many happy returns on the rest of your life. Honest speaking even though I don’t understand Japanese but really enjoy much watching and hearing him talking and singing. The first thing I do everyday is to switch on my IPad and see what’s going about our Prince . Thx so much sis Tenshi and her team for the hard works. Byebye everyone have a nice weekend .Love you all

  3. Morning dear sis Tenshi! This is really what we eels love this ‘jangkeunsukforever.com’ ,,our voice is spread out so quickly and that’s how our eels can commicate to each other and express our love to JKS . Really appreciate your works and time. Thx again Bye Cri

  4. After watching all these video s, I really love his laughing, so natural and care free,and show his true side .I remember I saw his DVD of ‘ Its Show Time’ in China it was written on the screen ” the show will go even with only one fan left ” please JKS be positive the number of your fans will just grow up .we all will support you till the end Be happy just do what you like, millions of fans will follow you. Good luck good health God bless you

  5. Hi there, every time I read JKS messages I was so touching ,I like him not only bcx of his good looking, I like most is his true self, he will never hide his feelings and always an outspoken person ,always so sincere and express himself so freely. May be he only hide from telling us who is dating! Like he said “I’ve never got caught ” hahaha smart guy.we eels like your personality and your humanity. We eels will support you till the end Zikzin our Prince, Byebye ❤️❤️❤️

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