Hwang Tae Kyung lunchbox

Credits: daum via KeunSuk China

What a super cute Hwang Tae Kyung bento lunchbox!
Who would ever want to eat this?

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The original video shared here was deleted, so I posted another link.


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Pics from Codes Combine website

Credits: codes-combine.co.kr

For more,

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Animated gifs from ELT "Star" & "Moon" PV

All credits: SUKのFLY at Sukbar

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[Update] 2011 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour dates

After some anxiety among Malaysia and Taiwan eels, the dates for both countries have been confirmed according to JKS’ schedule on www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr.

There is no change to the other dates. I hope to go to the Malaysia FM too!

23 April – Singapore
30 April – Hong Kong
28 May – Thailand
5 June – Malaysia
25 June – Taiwan
9 July – Shanghai

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I ♥ Jang Keun Suk (장근석) – 장근석닷넷

Updated 23 Feb:
For English translation of Korean videoletter, please click “Continue reading” to view the post in full.
Translation credits: 소풍sopoong

Credits: pogny93 @ Youtube & JangKeunSuk.net

It is a very, very beautiful video and watching it brings tears to my eyes.

“I love Jang Keun Suk”

The message is simple. When one person says it, when two people say it, when hundreds and thousands of eels across the world say it, I believe in the uplifting power and love it brings to all of us and to our beloved JKS.

The message is simple, yet the video captures so many different ways of saying it, in such creative ways, drawing on all the little things in our lives that we may not have noticed otherwise… We can show our love for JKS, in our own ways and in our own lives!

The message is simple, but we say it from our hearts, loud and clear – Jang Keun Suk, we love you!!

To every single eel out there,

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Zegda advertisements

Credits: Zegda @ Sina

For more,

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Jang Keun Suk 2011 Japan Tour schedule

Jang Keun Suk 2011 Japan Tour schedule

9 April: Nagoya
11 April: Hiroshima
12 April: Fukuoka
6 May: Osaka
8 May: Saitama
10 May: Sendai

Credits: meixueyo @ Sina weibo

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2010 Asia Tour – Part 1

Credits: coooxxxx @ Youtube

Ok, I’ve probably done something illegal by posting this video here ….
Have you all seen this video before?

I’ve seen short excerpts of it here and there in some FM Youtube clips, but this is the first time I’ve seen the complete video (and it comes in Part 1 to 10 – you all know how to get Part 2 to 10 already, right? I didn’t tell you anything you didn’t know, right?). This must have been taken from some DVD …. If you all have seen it before, then I won’t feel so bad i.e. that means I’m not taking the lead in law-breaking, so surely I’ll get a lighter sentence?

Ahead of Jang Keun Suk’s 2011 Asia Tour, the 2010 Asia Tour is old news already.
So before all of us get caught up in the whirlwind excitement of his fan-meetings this year, perhaps now is an opportune time to look at all the interesting behind-the-scenes of the 2010 Asia Tour.

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KBOOM April 2011 issue & other Japanese magazines

Credits: Yurihwa 유리화 @ DC

For more pics,

Read moreKBOOM April 2011 issue & other Japanese magazines

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[Twitter] From JKS Japan official twitter

JKS: Now I’m back in Korea. Eels, how are you all? See you at next month’s event! I need to go on a diet again for my DVD and photograph book!

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar


“이제 한국으로 돌아갑니다..장어떼들 다들안녕 다음달 이벤트에서 만나요! 난 다시 돌아가서 다이어트 ㅠ 영상집과 사진집을 위하여!”

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Credits: jejehoi on Vimeo

Jang Keun Suk is my only reason for watching “Marry me Mary”. In fact, he’s my only reason for watching anything, haha! I don’t know why I think this MV is cute… perhaps it’s because of the cute song, and of course the ultra-cute guy …

And!!! Why do I not recall seeing the kiss scene at 3:18″ ???

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DATV video

Credits: JKS0Maa

I can only say, no matter how short the video is, JKS always looks deliciously perfect! Haha!
Oh, and I love the colour of his hair too!

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Codes Combine Commercial

Cr: KeunSukChina 张根硕全球中文网

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