Credits: jejehoi on Vimeo

Jang Keun Suk is my only reason for watching “Marry me Mary”. In fact, he’s my only reason for watching anything, haha! I don’t know why I think this MV is cute… perhaps it’s because of the cute song, and of course the ultra-cute guy …

And!!! Why do I not recall seeing the kiss scene at 3:18″ ???

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DATV video

Credits: JKS0Maa

I can only say, no matter how short the video is, JKS always looks deliciously perfect! Haha!
Oh, and I love the colour of his hair too!

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Codes Combine Commercial

Cr: KeunSukChina 张根硕全球中文网

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Wallpapers Freebie 7: Fantasy series

All credits: 張根碩原創部落@ Baidusukbar

This is what I call the fantasy series – not my favourite of the lot but perhaps it may appeal to some of you. Certainly visually different.

For more wallpapers,

Read moreWallpapers Freebie 7: Fantasy series

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[Message] From HS Media Sina

HS Media (19 Feb 2011, 02:59 hours China time):
Once, also on a late night as this, through a restless crowd, after being overwhelmed by applause and cheers, Jang Keun Suk shed off a day’s exhaustion… In the hotel room, he worked seriously on editing a video for fans to watch. In the extremely quiet room, he showed his quiet side, deep in thought. He always smiles in front of other people. Behind the scenes, we watch his efforts with heart-ache. Because of this, we are gathered together, only because of you, a man named Jang Keun Suk!

Aphrael77’s note:
A sensous message from HS Media – sometimes they post these messages, for promotional purposes I think. This is what I mean by professionalism. Besides acting, he studies movies in the university. Which other actor/singer edits their own videos?

HS_Media官方微博 :曾几何时,也是在这样的深夜,穿过熙攘的人群,被掌声欢呼声淹没后的张根硕张先生,卸下一天的疲惫…酒店房间内,认真的编辑给粉丝们看的视频。安静无比的空间里,留下了他不愿多语的一面,沉思。微笑,总是留给别人。幕后的我们看的辛酸,因此,凝聚在一起,只因有你,一名叫张根硕的男子!

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Every Little Thing STAR (PV)

Credits: tpfyfl @ Youtube

The “Star” PV shows the plot from the perspective of the woman, but I don’t understand the plot. Two questions:
(1) What relationship does the girl in the wheelchair have with the male lead?
(2) Why did JKS suddenly become upset and leave the table at his party??

… again, the answer seems to be … wait for the subtitles or the “Moon” PV to be out, which will show the guy’s perspective.

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2011 Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour Schedule

UPDATE (18 Feb 2011)

Malaysia’s date in the Asia Tour, 4 June, is now tentative instead of confirmed.
Don’t book your airticket yet!

Credits: HS Media @ Sina

Every JKS fansite should be buzzing with the news already – the long-awaited dates are out!

23 April – Singapore
30 April – Hong Kong
28 May – Thailand
4 June – Malaysia
9 July – Shanghai
TBA – Taiwan

Although they mention the possibility of a change, later HS Media (JKS’ Asia agency) added a note to say that basically, JKS’ schedule is very tight and there is actually little possibility that the dates will change.

And the good thing is, the email address of HS Media is provided. So if you have any enquiries or suggestions for the FM programme or the fans interaction part of the show, you can email them.

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Singapore FM Update 1

The local organiser Colored Rhythms is releasing bits and pieces of tantalizing news via its Facebook page (as below). They announced today that there will be online ticketing, which makes it so much easier for overseas fans to purchase tickets. Anyone tempted by this to come to Singapore? In addition, the seating will be numbered, which means no more queueing for long hours before the event starts in order to get the best possible seat.

Of course, concerns were raised to Colored Rhythms about the capacity of the website to support the expected high online traffic. Heard that the ticketing website “Gatecrash” used for CN Blue’s sale of showcase tickets crashed the moment online sale opened and created numerous ticketing problems without any telephone support or service from the ticketing service provider (it must be related to their unlucky-sounding name). Colored Rhythms assured fans that they are not using Gatecrash and have taken note of the concern. In fact, Colored Rhythms is being so responsive to queries that I wonder how they have time to work.

JKS’ fan-meeting tickets have historically (almost?) always sold out on the first day of sales,

Read moreSingapore FM Update 1

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Japan Fuji TV advertisement

Ccredits: namiii31

Brief Summary Translation

Hi, everyone! I am Jang Keun Suk. I have news to tell all of you, that is, I’m finally debutting as a singer. I was anxious and hesitant for a long time, but now I can present a fresh new side of me to fans. My new song “Let me cry” will be officially released on 23 March through Pony Canyon.

Text credits: KeunSukChina

[KSC]张根硕日本FUJITV宣传翻译(1):大家好.我是张根硕.我有个大新闻要告诉大家.那就是我终于要作为歌手出道了.我烦恼了很久,也很犹豫.但是能为粉丝们展示我全新的模样.新曲将要在pony CANYON3.23号正式发行.歌名叫《Let my cry》.

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ELT PV Interview Part 3

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar @ Youku
Subtitles by Aphrael77

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[News] Singapore (22 – 23 Apr 2011) – 1st stop in Asia Tour!

Good news for fans! Korean “flower-pretty” boy Jang Keun Suk, at the invitation of Colored Rhythms, will arrive in Singapore on 22 April and hold a “JKS Asia Fans Meeting” on 23 April.

According to news, the fan-meeting will be held at a venue that can accommodate more than 1,300 people. Besides using songs and dance to attract fans, JKS will also hold a small-scale autograph session to allow fans the opportunity to take a photograph together with him.

Local organiser Colored Rhythms representative said during the interview yesterday that there will be as many as 16 people in JKS’ massive entourage this time, including JKS’ parents and 3 managers.

Last year when JKS visited Singapore, he fell in love with

Read more[News] Singapore (22 – 23 Apr 2011) – 1st stop in Asia Tour!

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[News] JKS Codes Combine autograph session on 24 Feb 2011

Product ambassadors of Codes Hikers, Jang Keun Suk and Kim Ok-bin, will be appearing in future at various events such as autograph sessions. In celebration of Codes Combine’s entry into Hong-dae commercial district and the first retail outlet opening for Codes Hikers, JKS will be appearing at an autograph session on 24 February 2011 at 5 pm Seoul time.

Credits: KeunSukChina
Click here to go to source article.

[KSC]韩网消息:Codes hikers代言人张根硕以及金玉彬将在未来举行各样的活动,包括通过举行签名会等与大家见面.一方面,为庆祝Codes combine入驻弘大商业街以及Codes hikers首个卖场开业,将在2月24号开业当天韩国时间下午5点举行张根硕签名会,请大家关注。来源:fashion journal.

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[News] “You’re My Pet” Press Conference – Ticket Sales

On Thursday 3 March 2011, the production press conference for “You’re My Pet” will be held in Ibaraki, Japan. It seems to include some kind of a performance, and tickets to the press conference are available for sale.

Event: “You’re My Pet” Japanese ceremony & press conference
Date: Thursday 3 March 2011 at 13:30 hours
Performers: Kim Ha-neul, Jang Keun Suk, Choi Jong Hun (FT Island)
Director: Kim Byung-Gon

Venue: Ibaraki Airport, South Garden, outdoor car park
Ticket price: 9,700 yen (including tax)
Ticket includes admission ticket, free shuttle bus, lunch and ticket folder

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar
Click here to go to source post.

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“News” Summary

Today is a day where making sense of all the news and thinking of what to write is giving me a headache ….. there are so many things happening, some good and some bad ….. so here are the “news”:

1. Backlash from Lounge H performance
2. Female lead for “You’re My Pet”
3. JKS 2011 Asia Tour Announcement by 18 Feb

(1) Backlash from Lounge H performance

All is not at peace today in Sukkie-land (that’s a word I coined to refer to the world of JKS and eels). We know that JKS took off his shirt during the last two Lounge H (LH) events for the encore, and you may already have heard from other sources that during the 14 Feb Lounge H event, JKS even revealed a bit of his butt line (I don’t know how to translate this!).

Some of Sukbar eels who had been following an online live broadcast of LH could not accept this ‘wild’ behaviour from JKS and posted negative comments about JKS:

Read more“News” Summary

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Lounge H song “Gotta Get Cha”

Credits: kanekyoro55

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