“Marry me Mary” DVD prelude

According to news from DCinside, the above picture was taken on 24 Feb 2011 when Jang Keun Suk left the Codes Combine autograph session to go to KBS 2TV to do some recording and interview for “Marry me Mary” DVD which will be released soon. Moon Geun Young was the first one to reach, followed by JKS and Kim Jae Wook last. The DVD (uncut version) will include all the scenes that were previously edited out of the drama, and all the video clips add up to around 7 hours.

DC上的消息 玛丽DVD采访拍摄那天 也就是张根硕Codes Combine 签名会那天 文瑾莹第一个到采访现场 张根硕第二个 金材昱第三个到. DVD无删版里都加进去 删掉的场面. 附加影像是7个小时左右
グンソクデビューCD、Shopでは「発売中止扱い」になってるようです。少なくともタワレコでは「発売中止扱い」なので予约は自动キャンセルにされてます。「発売中止なのでキャンセルさせていただきました」と胜手にキャンセルされてました(笑)発売日が确定したら予约し直さないとダメですよ~ 군소쿠데뷰 CD, Shop에서는 “발매 중지 처리”가되어있는 것 같습니다. 적어도 타워 레코드에서는 “발매 중지 취급”이므로 예약은 자동 취소되어 있습니다. “발매 중지이므로 취소 드리겠습니다”라고 멋대로 취소되어있었습니다 (웃음) 발매 일이 확정되면 예약 고치지 않으면 안돼요

Credits: DCinside
Shared by: __毛利兰 @ Suk Baidu Bar

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[News] Japan relief efforts

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar @ Sina

Besides donating 10 million yen and the charity sale of items on his website, several days ago Jang Keun Suk has also donated 5,000 blankets printed with a motivational message (something similar to Gambateh, Japan) to the disaster areas.

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Picture of JKS in Budapest

Credits: momochaaiai @ Suk Baidu Bar

When JKS was in Budapest a few days ago, the uploader’s friend’s friend spotted JKS doing a photo shoot at a cafe. She wasn’t a fan, though she felt that JKS looks quite familiar, so she took a photo of him. Later she recalled that this person was actually Jang Keun Suk.


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Further aid for Japanese disaster

All proceeds from the sale of this series of Jang Keun Suk’s picture cards on Japanese Koari website will be donated in aid of Japanese disaster relief efforts. Delivery is only available within Japan.

According to news from various online sources originating from JKS Japanese website, JKS wants to go to the disaster area very much as a volunteer to help out. It seems that JKS forced manager Kim to make a call to his Japanese website company, Frau International, to convey his volunteer wishes. Very taken aback by JKS’ suggestion, Frau International is grateful for JKS’ concern but thinks that it is not feasible as JKS’ presence and popularity may lead to a more chaotic situation, so they will do what they can to stop JKS from volunteering in Japan now.

Panda_HK @ Sina
Jang Keun Suk Fans Club Malaysia on Facebook

@Panda_HK:《日本官網》2011/03/17 東日本震災慈善商品銷售的公告(2) : 在下列的koari 購物網址接受申請http://sinaurl.cn/IDcVIF※全都已包括運費,現時慈善商品只發送在日本國內。

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[Fan-made MV] “Wee” – We can make it

Credits: kanekyoro55
Shared by Jang Keun Suk Fans Club Malaysia on Facebook

This song “Wee” (meaning “we”) is sung by Jang Keun Suk, Tim and Sun Ho-young in 2010.

带上一首2010年根硕,TIM,孙浩英 的《WEE》= 我们

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[17 Mar 2011] Twitter from JKS Japan website

Everyone, the Prince has uploaded a photograph. Fighting!


Credits: KeunSukChina

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[16 Mar 2011] Twitter from JKS Japan website

From JKS:
Hope that everyone can smile soon.

[KSC]日本官网推特更新:皆、早く笑顔になりますように .希望大家都能早日展开笑颜.

Credits: KeunSukChina
English translation: Aphrael77

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JKS in Belgium

Jang Keun Suk looks utterly striking in this photograph.
Next to him is the photographer and according to Sukbar news, this pic is taken in Antwerp, Belgium 4 hours ago.

JKS seemed to have departed Hungary on Sunday 13 March, and he tweeted via his Japanese website that he was going to London.
So it seems like he’s now in Belgium?

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar
【槿爱SUKの图图】【0316】与摄影师一起, 这张照片摄于Antwerp, Belgium,四个小时前

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Wallpapers Freebie 11: Codes Combine

Credits: cuby0715 @ Suk Baidu Bar

More Sukkies to keep us company …
Can I take every single one of him home?

For more,

Read moreWallpapers Freebie 11: Codes Combine

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[Fan-made MV] 2010 Fan-meeting video special

Jang Keun Suk, posted with vodpod

Credits: manyusoo @ Youku

Do you miss Sukkie? Since that guy is busy and keeping a low profile in London now, please take your regular dosage of JKS video 🙂

I’m assuming that this video sounds as good as it looks, since I’m posting as usual from my sound-disabled office and have no idea what it sounds like. Man, I’m smitten with JKS’ star-filled eyes and smile all over again, especially the one at 00:41 mins, along with many others…

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[News] Album release postponed and Showcase cancelled

Brief Highlight:

The release of Jang Keun Suk’s first album 《let me cry》will be postponed to an indefinite date. His Tokyo Showcase on 27 March will be cancelled and the cost of the tickets will be refunded.

张根硕首张专辑《let me cry》决定延期发行,日期未定;原定于27日举行的东京showcase取消,门票会退还。

News shared by Suk Baidu Bar
English translation: Aphrael77

Source article

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Zegda CF – new pic

Credits: jks410 @ Suk Baidu Bar

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[News] JKS donating 10 million yen to Japan Red Cross

Jang Keun Suk’s Japanese website company Frau has announced on 14 March 2011 that according to JKS’ intention, they have on his behalf applied to Japan Red Cross today to donate 10 million yen (around US$ 122,000), together with his message “Hope that disaster victims can resume normal life as soon as possible”.

JKS’ album release on 23 March and Tokyo Showcase on 27 March are still under discussion.

Credits: KeunSukChina
Chinese translation by Huamop


Source article (Japanese)

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[PV] Samsung Yepp 10th anniversary

Credits: ediepig

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“Bye Bye Bye” – clear version

, posted with vodpod

Credits: KeunSukChina

OMG!! Clear version! I love it!

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