Autographed message from JKS to Japanese eels

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

This is the autograph that JKS signed for Lotte DFS outlet in Japan.


Japanese eels, show your courage!


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Pics from Codes Combine photo shoot

Credits:codescombineluv (official Twitter)
Shared by: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

Pics from JKS’ photo shoot today for Codes Combine.

4 more pics,

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[Magazine] ASTA TV – Dec 2010

Credits: vrncniu@根深蒂固K.S.D.G
Shared by: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

A back-dated magazine, but with many lovely pics that I cannot resist ^^

For lots more pics,

Read more[Magazine] ASTA TV – Dec 2010

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Advertisement song for Lotte DFS

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

All the models for Lotte DFS will jointly sing an advertisement song entitled “So I‘m loving you” (소 아임 러빙 유). Another song to look forward to!

For another pic,

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[News] Lotte DFS advertising campaign

Brief news summary

In comparison to other brands and businesses in Korea who engage at most 2 or 3 models for their advertisements, Lotte DFS has as many as 16 celebrities. An advertising campaign like this is specially designed strategy to increase a brand awareness, sales and communication within this specific market. All the advertising is accomplished thanks to one of the top branding agencies in the market, we’ll be able to both optimize our budget and access metrics related to the evolution of actions.

Choe Ji-u and Song Seung Heon represent the 1st generation television drama Hallyu stars, while 2nd generation Hallyu stars such as 2PM, Kim Hyun Joon and Jang Keun Suk are brought in to expand their promotional efforts.

According to Lotte DFS Marketing group leader Mr. Kim, the large-scale engagement of Hallyu stars is not merely for the purpose of a promotional event;

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[Magazine] ODINA vol. 5, April 2011

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

No translation available, but I think the news should be more or less same as what we already know about the Ibaraki press conference and JKS’ “Let me cry album”. Just admiring his pics ^^

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Pic sharing…

Credits: asd86714102 @ Suk Baidu Bar

Jang Keun Suk – super talented actor with amazing versatility ….
With a change in hairstyle, attire, facial expressions, he conveys vastly different images.
I can never get tired looking at him …. ^^

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[News] “You’re my Pet” actors send consolations to victims of earthquake – Movie filming may be delayed

Credits: Teng Xun Entertainment 腾讯娱乐

According to Japanese news Yomiuri Shimbun, the Korean movie version of “You’re my Pet” was initially scheduled to start filming in May. Its main actors (Jang Keun Suk, Kim Ha-neul, FT Island leader Choi Jong Hoon) and director Kim Byung Gon expressed their consolations and encouragement through their movie company to the people of Ibaraki prefecture, one of the earthquake-hit areas in eastern Japan.

The filming of the movie “You’re my Pet”, the Korean version adapted from the best-selling Japanese manga, had gained much support from state officials and enterprises in Ibaraki, an area known for its agriculture, and a big-scale press conference was held at Ibaraki airport on 3 March to announce the start of filming in Ibaraki in May. In the face of the unexpected natural disaster, besides conveying consolations from the actors and director, the movie company expressed that although the filming is currently scheduled to proceed as originally planned, there remains a possibility of change.

Below are the consolation messages from the actors.

Read more[News] “You’re my Pet” actors send consolations to victims of earthquake – Movie filming may be delayed

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YEAH magazine poster

Shared by: hooyeedog @ Sina

Gasp! A poster from YEAH magazine, which I think is a Malaysian magazine. I’ll have to go on a magazine search this evening to see whether it’s on sale in Singapore…. I want this poster!!

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Pics from JKS’ photographer

Shared by: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

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JKS cartoon pics

Credits: 4820星恋
Shared by: Suk Baidu Bar

This first pic, I assume, is of JKS, but the important thing is the next pic….

Get ready for a BIG surprise!!
And I hope that JKS does not get to see the next picture. I don’t know what he would think of it. I don’t know what I think of it too, except that after the initial first few seconds … … I burst out into laughter… …. just don’t stare at it every night, ok? ;p
And I’m not going to be responsible for posting this on my blog too ….

Ready? See for yourself!

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Codes Combine haiker promotion

Credits: 韩流部落前线 @ Suk Baidu Bar

Looks like Zegda is not the only shop to give away JKS freebie with purchase.

Codes Combine has the same bright idea.
Purchase amount exceeding 500,000 Korean won (US$460 !!) entitles the buyer to a 25% discount. In addition, the buyer gets a JKS poster and a photograph catalogue.

Even if Codes Combine is not too far away in Korea for me to run there and buy their stuff impulsively, the price tag is hefty enough to stop me in my tracks…

For a few more catalogue pics,

Read moreCodes Combine haiker promotion

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Ayu’s Gallery

Credits: Ayu

Like I said, this talented eel Ayu can open her own gallery already ^^
Another drawing done by her.

Er…. I think the top drawing is much better because she really captured the eyes and face of JKS very well.
I love this scene and pic when JKS looked over his bare shoulder… beautiful ….

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[Magazine] Cri-J issue no. 1 cover page

Credits: kboom
Shared by: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar

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[Whereabouts] JKS spotted at café

A pic of JKS at a café in Seoul (possibly Twosome café) taken by a Korean fan and uploaded to CY at around 9.30 am on Monday 4 April, though it is not clear when this pic is taken.

I’m quite sure my heart is in a healthy condition, since it always leaps at the sight of JKS… LOL ^^ He’s cute…
There isn’t much news from him, so I’m assuming he’s busy with fan-meeting preparation ….

Shared by: tdedie @ Suk Baidu Bar


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