ECI (Eels’ Club International)

*Announcement for 2017 ECI membership registration (Posted on August 15th, 2017)
*** The application period for 2017 membership was closed. ***

After closing the application period, We shall contact applicants via Facebook friend request to complete the registration. It may take some time, but please wait for a while. If you don’t submit all * particulars, it will take longer. So please make sure all info is in order before your submission.
We look forward to having fun getting to know more eel brothers & sisters!

From ECI Admin Team
Because of our Prince, we are blessed to find friends in one another regardless of which country we are from.

Eels’ Club International (ECI) is a closed, private group on Facebook, established on 16 November 2011. Founded by Farina as a social platform for eels to interact, get to know more friends and basically have fun, ECI has grown to a membership strength of 749 members from 80 countries currently (as of August 15th, 2017).

This banner below was made for drama “Daebak (The Royal Gambler)” press conference held on March 24th, 2016.

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  1. Viva Eels’ Club!! Ok then President, here I come…
    But wait, if Farina is the President, what about you aphrael? Ooo.. I know it!
    You’re The CEO of Eels’ Foundation with the President Director Mrs. Farina ^_^

  2. Hi girls!
    Would like to highlight that Blog ID means the name you use on THIS blog. For those who don’t hv a blog ID, please use whatever name you want to be addressed with when submitting your profiles otherwise I will use your real name ok?

    Second, DOB means Date of Birth.


  3. Hi, would like to join in, I am a “non-active” eel and would like to start to be active and have the bond among all eels around the world, will send my data soon. Thanks

    • I’m forced to be an un-active eel cause my family and friends don’t really like un-American things but this blog might change that about me so if you can please accept me

  4. Dear friends, please please bear with me for being very slow with the contact list. I’m really bogged down with a lot of activities these days. Today is my late mom-in-law’s prayer session and it’s a whole day affair. Really, mianhe….

    • Take your time dear Farina, and don’t feel pressured. With more and more eels joining in this must be getting harder. So on behalf of all eels,we are all so appreciative of the work you’re doing no matter how long it takes, and we just wish if there is anything we can do to help!
      May God bless your Mom’s in law soul ( Rahmat Allah alaiha ) We will remember her with all our beloved ones in our prayers. Alfateha

      • Thanks Sahar:) miss you! Where’s Cri-J??

        In the end, just when the prayer ceremony is abt to start, I received a call that my hubby has been vomiting nonstop and he’s on the road with my 2 elder kids n niece. I had to leave the ceremony to bring him to the doctor. Diagnosed Vertigo. Perhaps Dr Maya can enlighten me what in the world this is. So anyway, he was given injection which will make him sleep and now I’m at home accompanying him. I managed to draw up the list and just awaiting for our CEO to proof-read my draft. Hope I can shoot it out soon 🙂

      • Oh. Vertigo is rough. My boss’ husband suffers from the same thing. But its something that can be treated once diagnosed. Its important that he follows the treatment the doctor gives him. Its like having severe motion sickness but usually has to do with inner ear problems or blood flow to the brain which is why he was vomiting.

      • Ah, Farina! Work of eels’ blog can wait, u should take care of ur family first! Hope ur hubby will recover soon!! We miss u too!

        ( didn’t know abt ur situation and few mins ago i emailed u, but it’s not urgent, don’t waste time for it now, u can read it some time later, ok??!)

      • Thanks all 🙂

        Andrea, according to the Dr once you get it, it will recur as and when for the rest of yr life 🙁 Yup something abt 3 bones in yr ear being out of alignment.

        Miracle, recvd n replied.

        Browneyes, now that I have drawn up the list, I feel more at peace 🙂 Beforehand, apologies for any shortcomings 🙂 Luv you all!

      • Yeah.. thats why its important to follow treatment. My boss’ husband was diagnosed several years back and just had an occurence again about a month ago. Its rough. Hopefully he will be okay but you guys are probably under a lot of stress especially lately with his mother 🙁

    • no need for apologies, farina. compiling eels’ data in this blog is no joke. thanks for your patience and hard work.

      i hope your hubby is feeling better now…

    • just read the comments here. @ farina… i sincerely pray and wish that everything will be fine.Your family needs you now.The eels’ work can wait…

      • Thanks 🙂 Now I’m having trouble sleeping so I try to catch up on so many news! Only managed to peek here and there 🙂 Ahhhh!!! Sure miss you guys!

      • @farina,,take care of yourself and I will be praying for your husband recovery..And don’t feel sorry for the delay take your time and be with your family..

    • just read what happened to your hubby.. hope he’s fine now.. don’t worry about us here..just take care of your hubby first.. we can wait for you..

  5. Farina dear, Hope you will get more rest…don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Pray all things go well for everyone.
    PS : About the eels’ club…..I wanna be in too…will definitely send in my application. Thanks.

    • Hi! Have u sent me an email? Pls use ‘snow909’ as blog ID so I can identify and match profile sent. Please do note my address is ‘.co’ and not ‘.com’. I will reply you via email tt I got yr profile.

  6. Received email thanks!
    Opened my mail first before i went here and didn’t know abt your hubby. Hope his fine now and you take care of yourself also!

  7. Pssst! Please wait for acceptance on FB ok? Big boss in big bad mood! Can’t go online on office PC. iPhone doesn’t allow me to invite members….sigh… (crunching fingers)

    • @ farina, i was just scrolling down the list of the eels that you’ve compiled.Gosh…
      just like what @Kuletsky said, he IS going international ( the list )…and yes , i do believe that the list will grow and counting !

    • Not many of us yet but so far FB has been amusing. I posted a few times. By the way anyone can send me a friend request. I accept all eels. Same with twitter (anddawede) although Sukkie isn’t using anymore. Might be hard to believe but I am a little shy at first so I am little nervous about sending friend requests.

      • Bz hunting moles whole day! Lol!!

        The problem I hv is trying to match blog ID-real names-FB acc. So new entries please provide all 3 details or my hair will turn white! Present members who wld like to be on the FB and I hv not added to the closed group, please indicate u wld like to be in the group 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Hello all 🙂

    So far two-thirds of the members are on FB. a lot of action is going on there and the rapport is great! So for the rest of the members who would like to be linked up, please add me as a friend first ok?
    1) find and add me as friend: Arba’ayah Abdullah
    2) it would really help if you can inform me your Blog ID if you are using other names
    3) I will add you on the Eels Club once I get hold of a PC or Lappy 🙂

    • Hello 🙂 pls email me yr profile as above (even though all parts are optional, I really need following details:
      1. blog ID-ie bbgs
      2. real name
      3. FB name(if you hv an account & wld like to be linked
      4. country

      My email address:
      I will acknowledge upon receipt of email.

  9. hi,
    this is hari from India.. i am happy to say thank you and you are doing good job, we are providing our prince updates .. i love you

  10. Name: Pirawan Damrongkiatdee(Jum)
    Age: 39 years Country: Bangkok, Thailand Blog gang: No
    Education: Bangkok University Major: Accounting school
    Working: JTB (Thailand) Ltd. Position:Accountant
    Marital status: Single
    My idol,My inspiration,My beautiful are Jang kuen suk

    • April rose, I got yr email n replied. Somehow I can’t add u as friend on FB. Can u pls add me instead?? Find me: Arba’ayah Farina Abdullah
      Once u accept, then only can I add u in ECI. Thanks 🙂

  11. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chi!!! How r u?What r u doing? Are u tired? Onieruen chornuen just to have time for update your news.Chongmun mobchie kurivonhada and hengbokhada nan, I’d to see your concert, everyday I try to count the date untill on Songkran’s festival nottem I’d like to give your new year gift for you that I pay attention to make for you.Umm!!!relax more and unjunjanghada naka.I’ll inspire you every time.Chongmun saranghaeyo my idol,my beautiful,my inspiration ,Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikasaeyo,Hansang congkanghasaeyo,Chika,Saranghaeyo,love u jub jub.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)

  12. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chi!!! How r u?What r u doing? Are u tired? Onieruen chornuen just to have time for update your news.Chongmun mobchie kurivonhada and hengbokhada nan, I’d to see your concert, everyday I try to count the date untill on Songkran’s festival nottem I’d like to give your new year gift for you that I pay attention to make for you.Umm!!!relax more and unjunjanghada naka.I’ll inspire you every time.Chongmun saranghaeyo my idol,my beautiful,my inspiration ,Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikasaeyo,Hansang congkanghasaeyo,Chika,Saranghaeyo,love u jub jub.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)

  13. @Farina
    Hi I just sent u an email!!
    Hi girls… So excited to be part of this club!!
    Please count me in… Whatever u guys need, Im here 4 all of U!!

  14. I am so so late! I have been super busy that I feel like I’m losing myself. For a moment, I’m like in hybernation. I’m now trying to slowly recover. I’m coming back…

  15. hello… =)
    im soo excited to be part of this clib
    I really like jang keun suk with park shin hye!!!!!!!!
    im a geunshin addict..XD

  16. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chii!!! How r u?What r u doing?Are u tired?chornuen chong mun kurivonhada nan so much.When do you have time to yor-henghada at tae-kuk nara, and if you yor-henghada ,you’d like to take a vocation at the same place that you ever been there Right?. Chuen-kob-kae ponaesaeyo, Don’t forget to show cri too.I’ll wait to see your performance too.Hansangcongkanghasaeyo,Don’t work hard too much naka.Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikasaeyo.I misssssssssss u so much.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)Saranghaeyo sajangnim.

  17. Discovered JKS about 2 months ago via YAB via I was immediately a fan of this multi-talented young man! Of course I have watched Beethoven’s Virus there and Hong Gil Dong. I’ve caught a few of his other works via YouTube as well.
    K-dramas & K-pop have become my latest obsession!
    Jan. 20, is my b-day… so I will further my addiction and surround myself with what I love… more JKS! LOL
    Just give him a minute and JKS will steal your heart! He has mine! <3

  18. Hi Farina.. I just sent you my sis and my info! Really excited to join the club 🙂 Thank you for uniting JGS’s Eels from ard the world!

    Hello there !!!

  19. Hi eels!!

    This is my first post here.

    One week ago i sent a messege on facebook to JKS profile:

    and got blocked:( I can’t see this profile anymore.

    The messege was:

    “Hello JKS!

    My name is katia, I’m 23 years old and i’m studying political science, international relations and japanese language at the asian studies faculty. Next year i’m planning to study korean language too.I think that you are very talented actor.

    There is many facebook profiles of you. how can I know wich one is the real one? Hope you’re not mad because of this question:)

    Have a nice day!


    Did i write something wrong?
    It was writen in a formal style. didn’t ment to make him angry

    What do you think?
    What should i do?
    I really like Jang Keun Suk, don’t want him to be mad.

    • hi Katia,

      The FB page that you sent to is not his official FB page.
      There’s nothing wrong with your message, and JKS won’t get angry over this kind of thing ^^

      I seem to recall that he did set up an official FB page, but so far, he has not used it yet.
      I’ll leave it to my other eel sisters who have better memory than me to update you 🙂

  20. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chi!!! I’d you to know that nottem you that make me have more inspiration to study korea language, for one day that I can meet you by face to face, then I can speak with you in your native speaker.I hope that this day will comming soon.Please inspire me naka.

  21. @pirawan: It’s very good to know that you like JKS much but.. this is eels’ blog… and not of JKS himself… though anyone can share anything and everything about him… big thanks to aphrael… you can join… give your comments…

  22. Been a silent follower of this blog forever, love it, Aphrael you bring the world of our dear JKS that bit closer to all of us and we all love you for it, but i’m feeling a little left out of the action now you’ve started ECI so I thought I would take a deep breath and jump in (ask to join)! I’m a little shy, lol. So Farina I’ve sent you my particulars, please let me know if that’s ok and if there is anything else you need. Many Thanks :0) xx

  23. Hi! I am planning to go Seoul this year and would like to go to JKS concert or fan meeting while I’m there. I have not decided on the date yet. Would appreciate if someone could tell me where to find the schedules and how to buy the ticket before I decide when to go. Thank you so much!

    • Fifi, the official schedule of this Asia tour concert is not out yet.. we are all waiting for that too ^_^ Eel fans will share the schedule once it is out..

  24. Hi Farina,

    I would like to join this club.
    Watched YAB first then I found him so talented, followed by M3 which story I did not like (I loves his rockstar performance in delivering “My Bus”), and really really love BV!!!

    He should never regret not taking up the role of GJP which later LMH shot to fame. he is much better in BV by winning the award & worked with many seniors, and in YAB he was truly awesome!!!


  25. Hi farina!

    im a huge fan of Geun Suk i just hope you will help me find new friends who also love him. ive just sent you an email.


  26. Greetings Farina,

    I am very happy 🙂 that there is an eels club. I just joined today. Looking forward to meeting a lot of eels from around the world.

  27. Hi Farina,

    I sent you an email last 3/10/2012. Have you recieved it? Maybe you haven’t since I have not recieved any response from you.

  28. Hi,
    Unni, i already send my info and also I hereby attached my personal photo to your email account for ur reference…Please let me in.. Thanks!