[2020-07-05] CRI-J Twitter

[The guide on how to apply tickets of 2020 JKS Birthday Commemorative Sharing Online Photo Exhibition]
The application starts tonight at 0:00 midnight.

* You can watch the photo exhibition on YouTube even without the tickets.
* The purpose for purchasing the tickets is to share photos and make a donation to people in need under Actor Jang’s name. In short, the ticket purchase means a donation.
* The delivery will be delayed because of ‘COVID-19’.
* Don’t worry if it takes longer to confirm your winning because you receive the tickets late. We will wait until you confirm the winning.
* The links for Google application form:
= Official Twitter: twitter.com/JKS_cri_j
= Official website: me2.do/F8RaODEV
= Official fan cafe: cafe.naver.com/crij/175742

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