[Pics] New header photos of Toki-Love Twitter account

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[Notice] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 11th member

Original source: Princejks.com-NOTICE

For international eels (who are not living in Korea), you have a chance to be the official member of Jang Keun Suk Korean fanclub ‘CRI-J’ next year, too. We provide the guidance how to join CRI-J here, copying the official info. You can apply this period only. Please don’t miss this chance 😉 If you’re CriJ 10th member, it’s easier for the renewal. Please check the procedures below.

tenshi_akuma’s note 1: Please read the post, [Notice] About cri J 11th membership again before you apply Cri-J 11th membership.
tenshi_akuma’s note 2: Perhaps this post (about Cri-J 10th enrollment procedure with images) will help you. However we’re not sure if there are differences on the website.

Regarding CriJ 11th overseas membership entry procedure and precaution details

Overseas membership enrolment period based on Korean time:
from 18/11 (Mon) 21:00 to 24/11 (Sun) 24:00

Please stick to the enrollment time.

1. Membership classification
1) New member (newly join member)
2) Renewal (old member)

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[2019-11-14] Tree-J twitter

NOTICE of 2020 Cri J 11th overseas membership procedures was announced.

The enrollment period is based on Korean time,
from November 18th (Mon) 21:00 to November 24th (Sun) 24:00.

See you next week 🙂


2020 Cri J 11기
해외 회원 가입을 위한
안내가 공지되었습니다

해외회원 가입기간은
한국시간 기준,
11월 18일 (월) 21시부터
11월 24일 (일) 24시까지 입니다

그럼 다음 주에 만나요 : )

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[Notice] About cri J 11th membership

Original source: Princejks.com – NOTICE

Official Fan club
2020_11th Regular Members Recruitment

Hello everyone, this is TreeJ_company.
Official Fan Club CriJ Recruitment of 11th Regular Members
Thanks to all eels who have been giving us support and love for ten years.
In the next ten years, and after ten years, CriJ will continue to work hard following the footsteps of eels.

Eels will bond together with Actor Jang and CriJ in 2020.
Please read the following regarding the regular member application.

– As follows –

1. Recruitment period
1) Domestic: 11/11 (Mon) 21:00 ~ 15/11 (Fri) 24:00
2) Overseas: 18/11 (Mon) 21:00 ~ 24/11 (Fri) 24:00
(The above are Korean time)

Read more[Notice] About cri J 11th membership

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