[Pic] The poster of 2019 JKS birthday sharing photo exhibition

*Date: 2019.8.3(Sat)~8.4(Sun)
*Place: 14 Apgujeong-ro 71-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
‘Gallery WON’

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[2019-07-02] jksjapan Twitter

‘JANG KEUN SUK FILM CONCERT TOUR’ Today is the final day!! Twice a day, 14:00 and 19:00♪ The last day of JKS FILM CONCERT TOUR which has lasted for 3 months has come! Let’s have fun with all eels throughout Japan! TEAM JKS, fighting^^
#JKS_filmconcert #JKS_FILCON #Under_the_same_sky


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[2019-07-01] jksjapan Twitter

‘JANG KEUN SUK FILM CONCERT TOUR’ Tomorrow’s final showing will be held at Tokyosu PIT (Tokyo)!! We’re planning the final Twitter event that all eels tweet what you want to tell Actor Jang now♪ #同じ空の下(UnderTheSameSky) Let’s convey our eels’ messages to him! #JKS_filmconcert #JKS_FILCON #親分も一緒(WithOurBoss)
[JANG KEUN SUK FILM CONCERT TOUR] 明日のファイナル公演は豊洲PITで開催!!Twitter企画の最後はうなぎの皆さんがチャンベウに伝えたいメッセージを送ってください♪ #同じ空の下 いつも一緒にいるチャンベウへ全国のうなぎの気持ちを伝えましょう!#JKS_filmconcert #JKS_FILCON #親分も一緒

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