[2019-03-28] Tree-J Twitter

To eels who’re CriJ 10th members!

10th anniversary gifts and presents planned by events are delivered safely only when your information registered in my page is all correct.

For overseas shipping, your address should be written correctly in English.

Please check your My page according to the details below.


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[Pics] ‘Switch’ behind-the-scenes photos taken at Haeden museum

Original source: haedenmuseum Instagram

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[2019-03-19] Tree-J twitter

Notice for those who applied for cri J 10th additional member

If you haven’t verified the e-mail sent to our e-mail yet, please check the one titled [정회원 승인 메일 (approval e-mail for the official member) sent to your registered e-mail address in ‘my page’.

Click “the attached link”, and you’ll be approved as the official member.

/ My page – check your registered e-mail address
/ Click the link in the approval e-mail
sent to your e-mail address

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[2019-03-11] Tree-J twitter

Please search “3.11” through Yahoo JAPAN.

It was 8 years ago today that the Great East Japan Earthquake happened.
You don’t have to log in a certain website.
Even if you’re overseas,
just searching the word (3.11), 10 yen will be donated automatically.

Remembering what Actor Jang did 8 years ago : )

야후 재팬에서 “3.11”을 검색해주세요

일본 대지진 8주년의 오늘,
로그인하지 않아도
해외에 있어도
단지 검색만으로 10엔이 기부됩니다

8년 전의 장배우를 기억하며 : )


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[2018-03-07] Tree-J Twitter

[Director Jang Keun Suk’s short film screening]
The notice of the application to participate has been announced.
Please, check NOTICE


[장근석감독 단편영화 상영회]
참가신청 안내가 공지되었습니다
Please, check NOTICE

The additional application of cri J 10th members OPEN
Please check the notice about the application period (from March 9th 21:00 till 13th 22:00) and methods.

tenshi_akuma’s note: You can use Google translation installed on Princejks.com. You can refer to our previous post about CriJ 10th recruitment.

cri J 10기 추가 회원 신청 OPEN
신청기간 및 방법은
공지를 확인해 주세요

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[2019-03-05] Tree-J Twitter

Director Jang Keun Suk’s short film screening
The time that the application starts has changed to 21:00.

March 8th (Fri) 21:00 ~
March 13th (Wed) 24:00

장근석 감독 단편영화 상영회
본신청 시작시간을
21:00로 변경하였습니다

3월 8일 (금)21:00 ~
3월 13일 (수) 24:00

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