[Pics] JKS in misterwebb Instagram

Martin Webb, CEO COMMUNION (Communications Agency for Fashion & Luxury), Formerly Director of Marketing & Communications at Marc Jacobs Japan, shared JKS’ latest photo taken in Tokyo today. He seems to have known JKS for a couple of years. So we share some of his past photos, too.

Original source: misterwebb Instagram

#Mr. Jang Keun Suk Ferrari #488 test driving in Tokyo #JKS
#チャングンソク さん フェラーリ #488 を東京で試乗 #JKS @ferrarijpn

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[News] JANG KEUN SUK ENDLESS SUMMER 2016 official goods

UPDATE: New item, ENDLESS MIRROR is going to be sold in Osaka (July 12)

Original source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/summer_2016/#goods

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[Video] Message from JKS on TengXun

Credit: 張根碩國度香港後援會
English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI

Hello, I am JKS, who returns on screen through SBS new drama Daebak. Daebak is being broadcast in China through TengXun. I hope all China viewers will give your fullest support.
note: Daebak is broadcast via TengXun from Jul 11 21:00hr, and refreshed every mon/tues.

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