[Pics] JKS in BTS photos of ‘Daebak’ shooting

As before, Jo Kyoung Hoon who played Six Ghost in “Daebak” shared some BTS photos of Daebak shooting to cheer Jang Keun Suk, other costars and staff.

Original source: jo_kyoung_hoon Instagram
The staff, senior and junior actors, everyone involved, thank you for your hard work. See you again at “job well done” party~~ All viewers, please keep support watching ‘Daebak’ next week (till the final episode).
스텝, 배우 선배님 후배님들 수고하셨습니다. 쫑파티때 보아요~~
시청자 여러분 다음주까지 대박 많은 시청바랍니다.

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