[Video] ‘Produce 101’ episode 11 – finale (full)_20160401

Credits: Mnet, uploader

프로듀스 101 E11 END.160401 -1 投稿者 fnffk003

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[Pics] JKS with Produce 101 trainers

Original source: jeaworld Instagram

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[2016-04-01] Tree-J twitter

The final episode of Produce 101! Cri-J has prepared a pretty cake for today.
#Jang Representative! You’ve been working hard and well throughout the shooting.
#Produce101 Fighting!


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[Video] Korean Entertainment News ‘Good Morning episode 4823’_20160401

Credit: entertainmentSBS

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[Video] ‘Daebak’ Jang Keu Suk vs Yeo Jin Goo simulation game Teaser

Credit: SBSNOW

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