[Pic] JKS with friend

Original source: jangzoey Instagram
Asia Prince and Princess
#Jang Keun Suk #beautiful

아시아 프린스와 프린세스
#장근석 #예쁘네

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[Pics] JKS attended a wedding party_20151008

Original source: younghoonjoo Instagram
I met #Hallyu star #Jang Keun Suk at my acquaintance’s wedding party~ He’s truly a fashionista~ My wife and I took a photo with him individually~ kk
지인 결혼식에서 만난 #한류스타 #장근석 ~ 역시 패셔니스타답군~ 우리 부부 따로 찰칵~ ㅋㅋ #주영훈

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[2015-10-08] @collecte_zikzin twitter

Surprisingly we went 2nd camping this year already. It was a fine day and we had a great time having a lot of tasty food.

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