[28.09.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

“The world keeps turning even without me.. Change my thought that no one can do except me..” What nice these words! When I encountered them while reading, they struck home to me.
내가 없어도 세상은 잘 돌아가요..놓으세요.. 내가 아니면 안된다는 그 마음.. 이 얼마나 멋진 말인가 책 읽다가 한 방 맞았다..
tenshi_akuma’s note: Jang Keun Suk seems to have read a book titled “Things You Can Finally See When You Stop” written by Ven. Haemin. See the detail from here.

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[News] JKS matches Cri-J’s donation of 9.26 million won to charity

Korean-Chinese translation: neineilove
Chinese-English translation: Aphrael

Jang Keun Suk’s Korean fanclub Cri-J, having generated much news over JKS 20th debut anniversary advertisements on a Seoul subway train, once again launched a meaningful 926 charity initiative. To commemorate 26 September as JKS’ solar calendar birthday, fans donated 9.26 million won to Nam-san (charitable organisation) and at the same time, did volunteer work.

The 926 charity initiative started from Seoul Cri Show 2 on 7 July when Cri-J sought donations from fans, and by its end on 25 September, a total of 9.26 million won donations has been received from Korean and overseas fans.

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[Music] English translation of the lyrics “Tomorrow”

Lyics: Cho Yong Hoon – Ki Seung Ju / Kato Kanako
English translation: tenshi_akuma

I wonder if we’ve reached the position where we envisioned at that time.
Your warm smile like sunshine is still shining in my heart.

I’ve walked against the flow of crowds.
Because I don’t want to regret my life even if someone laughs at me.

Stepping into tomorrow tomorrow.
Let’s knock on the door for tomorrow.
Tomorrow tomorrow
It is urge to motivate me.
Fly fly fly high
Fly fly fly higher
Fly fly fly high
Fly fly fly high
To the future

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[27.09.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Berlin eels in front of our hotel!! But unfortunately they couldn’t see Keun-chan, ㅠㅁㅠ Thank you!!
호텔앞에 온 베를린장어들!! 비록 안타깝게 근짱을 만나지는 못했지만, ㅠㅁㅠ 고마워요!!

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[27.09.2012] @zosun_hi twitter

Last day in Berlin…. BBQ and wine and…
베를린의 마지막날…. 바베큐와 와인 그리고….

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[Interview] anan_2012.10.03 (No.1825)

Credits: Magazine World

[Exclusive interview]
Prince of the World

We interviewed with “World Prince” in Seoul! He was relaxed probably because the interview took place in his hometown. During shooting photos, he sang songs for us and unveiled a secret for the first time… We succeeded to catch his real self not shown in Tokyo.

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[pics] More pictures of JKS at Camp Out Event 20120922

Credit: blog http://blog.naver.com/blackcalf?Redirect=Log&logNo=150148077647 and http://blog.naver.com/designesprit?Redirect=Log&logNo=70147710486


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[pics] Lotte October Calendar

Credit: Lotte

Note: click picture itself to get full size version

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[26.09.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Today is Prince’s birthday on the solar calendar! ‘anan’ on-sale date! CRI-J 926 donation event day! There are many events today! The photo was taken on the shooting day for ‘anan’, Prince was reading ‘Numero’!
오늘 프린스 양력생일! 앙앙 발매일! 크리제이 926기부 이벤트날! 행사가 많은 오늘! 사진은 앙앙잡지 찍던날, 누메로 보는 프린스!

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[26.09.2012] @zosun_hi twitter

Berlin’s taste…
베 를 린의 맛…

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[25.09.2012] @Galssam2 twitter

A courteous preparation even for us, dance team like a family… TreeJ & Keun Suk. Thank you so much for some money to prepare for Mid Autumn Festival (Chu-seok). Their scale of courtesy is different. kk
안무팀까지 세심하게 챙겨주는 가족같은.. TreeJ & 근석이. 추석 떡갑 너무너무 감사~ 역시 스케일이 달라 ㅋㅋ

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[pics] JKS Features in anan Magazine October 03 Issue (Adjusted Photos)

Credit: anan Magazine / BlueinLive (scanned) 邪FLY圆满 (adjusted)

If you want to get full size photos, please click photos itself.
Note: These photos are originally from scanned photos and nicely adjusted by eel. Enjoy!

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[25.09.2012] @zosun_hi twitter

In Berlin~

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