[04.04.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Credits: KSC (Chinese translation), Sarah Ye (English Translation)
Original Tweet:
바쁜 현장속에서도 챙길건 챙긴다! 사,랑,비! 이틀 현장근무후 남는건 졸음! 언능 집에가서 잠잠잠 좀~ 처리할건 많은데, 몸은 하나! 하나?
Apr 04 2012, 8:01pm


At busy shooting site, get prepared for all we needed to. LOVE RAIN! After two days working on site, I’m so sleepy, I need to go home to take rest, there are lots of things need to do. Only have one body! One?

Is Sukkie watching LR??

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[News] JKS Documentary on Fuji-TV will be released in Japan

I’m sorry to post the news too late… JKS’ documentary broadcast on Fuji-TV (Japan) will be released as DVD and Blu-ray on May 2nd. It includes his long interview and BTS.

Amazon.co.jp DVD
Amazon.co.jp Blu-ray

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[News] 2012 “Lounge H” @ Zepp Tokyo LIVE DVD

UPDATE: added the digest video
Credits: Frau International

As you remembered “Team H” held “2012 Lounge H, a sudden Happy New Year Party! [We Are TEAM H]” at Zepp Tokyo on Feb. 20 and 21. At first this event was planned for JKS Japan official fan club members, but about 50,000 people applied for only 4,000 seats. So the live on Feb 21 was decided to be webcast via NICO NICO LIVE. Then it established a new record, 227,034 viewers and 109,508 comments were posted during the webcast. Soon after the live, many eels requested Frau to release it as a DVD. Now our request has come true.

The DVD will be released as two editions, GREATEST DVD [STANDARD] and [SPECIAL PACK] on July 7th. [SPECIAL PACK] contains “Lounge H” yellow T-shirt. The pre-order will be accepted at 12:00 on April 5th.

Credits: fraumovie
JKS_LoungeH digest

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[Pics & Video] “L’inoui” shop opening event (1)

Credits: shiro401

Jang Keun Suk showed up the opening event of “L’inoui” shop in Seoul on April 4th.

Read more[Pics & Video] “L’inoui” shop opening event (1)

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[Pics] Love Rain, Seo In Ha (70s) Wall Papers

Credits: as tagged.

In Memory of young In Ha and 70s part of Love Rain, a classic, pure, beautiful drama and 1,2,3 seconds fell in love and sweet moments last forever.

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[Poem] Come Into My Umbrella (inspired by Love Rain)

Credits: Nancy McDonell /ECI

Read more[Poem] Come Into My Umbrella (inspired by Love Rain)

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[04.04.2012] @LoveRainTV twitter

Credits: LoveRainTV

This is the most beautiful scene in the episode 4!

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[Pic] KBS “Love Rain” pic


Are you happy?….. I’m happy!^^
행복해요?….. 행복해요!^^

In Ha asked Yoon Hee, “Are you happy?” And she answered, adding exclamation mark, “I’m happy!”

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