[Video] KBS “Love Rain” Behind-the-scenes (7)

Credits: 1004KBS

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[Video] Jun & Ha Na “Drunken Kiss” making scene

UPDATE: Eng sub version

Credits: munchtgrl1
with English subtitles

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[article] Love Rain, With Production Team On Site

Credit: KSC
Source: SK Communications
English Translation: Sarah Ye


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[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012

Credits: newsen

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[26.04.2012] JKS at 48th Baek-sang Arts Awards (5)

Very touching Fan-cam… especially it makes our eyes watering now (;_;)

Credits: 2012JHJ

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[News] summary of JKS’ car accident happened on April 29

Despite having a partially destroyed car accident, JKS is still shooting “Love Rain”
English translation: tenshi_akuma
Actor Jang Keun Suk is the victim of a half destroyed car accident, but he was soon back to the set of KBS2 “Love Rain”.

According to his agency, Tree J Company, JKS had a car accident near Yeoju on the way to Seoul after filming “Love Rain” at Mangsang Beach in Kangwon-do. The accident took place at around 5am. The car was partially destroyed hitting a guardrail settled on the road where below is cliffs, but, fortunately, it really was a close call with serious physical injury.

In the half collapsed car, there were four people. JKS was sitting in the front seat. His manager (MJ) drives the car. The executive of Tree-J company and the other manager were in the backseat. JKS tipped his chair back and was sleeping with fastening his seat-belt at that time. JKS didn’t get traumatic injury, but he suffered from pain of a bruise.

The agency stated, ”God helping them! I can’t thank God enough to avert a catastrophic accident. And it was fortunate that the car wasn’t a van. It was JKS’ own car. If it had been a van, it would have fallen down the cliff over the guardrail. ”, sighing with the relief of their return.

Despite such a big accident, he headed for the shooting set of “Love Rain” after a short 2-hour sleeping in Seoul. The agency official said, “He didn’t go to hospital not to cause trouble to the crew. We asked him to go even if he felt he was OK. We know the injury isn’t get not only physically but also mentally. But he chose shooting.”

This accident was expected human disaster. JKS has had murderous schedule nearly for a week. For example, he finishes shooting at 5am and soon starts again at 7am. Even for this two-hour rest, he had to spend this for a beauty salon, so that he didn’t take a real rest at all. Such a tight schedule fatigued his managers, too.

The agency said, “Now he’s on the set. After finishing the shooting, he can go to hospital. But he won’t go during the opening hours.” and sighed sadly.

Another case happened last July was that Yoo Seung Ho who appeared on SBS TV “Warrior Baekdongsu” also had a car accident on the way to shooting. After the accident, he decided to go to the set, but he was sent to an emergency room for treatment by the crew.

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[29.04.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

English translation & summary: sa_sha26
*I altered some translations a little bit.

*Summary about what happened to him and made him tweet storm today:
He met an accident approximately around 5am in the morning, while rushing to Seoul for Love Rain filming. The front wheel of the car was damaged badly. If not because of the railing, the car might have been fallen off the cliff. But luckily, the person who was driving (MJ) managed to stop the car. The accident happen because of tiredness, his managers didn’t have any sleep and worked overtime together with Actor Jang. He wasn’t injured badly, but he’s in pain due to the wounds. But he still continued Love Rain filming after that, of course after a simple medical check up. He thought the serious consequence for not going to the filming set, so he chose to continue the filming today. The team were worried if Actor Jang would stop the filming because of tiring schedule and now the accident.

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[Music] It makes Jun & Ha Na’s kissing scene more passionate

UPDATE1: This song “KISS” is sung by Klazz Brothers & Edson Cordeiro. You can get this song in the album “Klazz meets the Voice”. It’s MUST BUY!!! Regardless of Love Rain, the singer Edson Cordeiro is just amazing!!!!
UPDATE2: I added their version of YouTube link at the bottom

The original song “KISS” is sung by Prince. But I still can’t find this cover version… 🙁
I really like THIS cover. For me, better than the original. If you find the song, please let me know.

I posted the original lyrics and some of the covers below.

The song used at Love Rain fountain kissing scene

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[article] Jang Keun Suk, A Patriotic Hallyu Star

Credits: Yakumocri (translate to Chinese)/SukNational HongKong weibo
Source: sisakorea.kr /NightFlight@twitter
English translation: Sarah Ye

Jang Keun Suk, A Patriotic Hallyu Star

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[Fan-made] Digests of “Love Rain” (3)

Credits: pogny93

This MV is similar to my previous post, but this creator always makes beautiful MVs. I really love them all 🙂

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[Pics] Caffebene


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[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012

Credits: W Seoul Walkerhill Facebook

Meet Jang, Keun-Suk, shooting a scene for the KBS TV drama ‘LOVE RAIN’ right here at “W Seoul”. He’s standing in the area normally known as the ‘Front Desk’ at other hotels, where guests come to check in or check out. What do we call this area in W Hotels? One lucky winner with the correct answer will receive a voucher for “ W On The Go”, a wonderful picnic box done in W Style.

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[26.04.2012] JKS at 48th Baek-sang Arts Awards (4)

UPDATE: added the pic
Credits: keunsukchina

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[ENG-SUB] Entertainment Weekly_20120421

UPDATE: replaced the hard-sub version
English subs: tenshi_akuma

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[ENG-SUB] speech at 48th Baek-sang Arts Awards_20120426

English subs: tenshi_akuma

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