[Download] 28.1.2012 Meringue’s Kimochi (Eng-subbed)

English subs: tenshi_akuma

Download and treasure the very rare video of Sukkie and the chameleon~! 😀

Please click here for Mediafire download.

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[ENG-SUB] Hirunandesu_20120130

English subs: tenshi_akuma

Sukkie is so mischievous and has a really good sense of humor! Love him!!! 🙂

This is the pic of “onsen tamago”.

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[PrinceJKS Youtube] MJ BUMP!!!

Credits: PrinceJKS

Let’s see how MJ is blown up

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[ENG-SUB] KBS Entertainment Weekly_20120128

Credits: Sukbar
English subs: Aphrael77

Mediafire download link.

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[Pics] 25ans – March 2012 issue

Credits: 25ans magazine

JKS version has been already sold out!

Read more[Pics] 25ans – March 2012 issue

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Intro to JangKeunSuk bread up close~!!

Credits: mcctcheon1229
Shared by: JKSFC Malaysia

For us who can only dream of THE bread … …
Ooh, didn’t know that the bread is so white, like a Chinese bun!

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[Pics] Lotte Duty Free ‘Sweet Dream with JKS’ (Jan. 28, 2012)

Credits: sports.chosun.com


JKS’ first fan meeting in 2012 was held on Jan. 28 at DOM art hall in Seoul. About 1,400 Japanese eels attended the FM. I heard it was 1 hour long and he sang 4 songs.

Read more[Pics] Lotte Duty Free ‘Sweet Dream with JKS’ (Jan. 28, 2012)

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[28.01.2012] KBS Entertainment Weekly (no-subbed)

Credits: renivie2

The program was shot at the shooting place of Codes Combine Haiker.

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[ENG-SUB] Meringue’s Kimochi_20120128

English subs: tenshi_akuma

Mana-chan must have drawn Sukkie’s portrait seeing this picture.
It looks alike! She’s good at drawing!!!

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[28.01.2012] Updates from Lotte fan-meeting

Shared by: JKSFC Malaysia

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[Blog activity] Win a limited edition Lawson folder!

Amendment 1 as of 28 Jan, 6.50 pm:

– Only text messages are accepted. No pictures or background designs is allowed.
Using pictures is a disadvantage to many participants who do not know how to design.
What is needed is just a sincere message of encouragement. Be creative in playing with words~!

– Terms and Conditions no. 9 is added.

You may become the lucky winner of a limited edition Lawson folder!
These limited edition Lawson folders are currently available in Japan, free with the purchase of snacks, but on a first-come-first-served basis and will not be in stock when the Lawson promotion is over in end January.

We hope our support and love can sustain JKS when he’s feeling tired or down. As eels, we are his source of energy!
All you have to do is to write a note of encouragement to JKS in less than 50 words, and email it to the JKS Forever blog team. Please note that if your note does not contain any words of encouragement, it will be disqualified and you will be informed.

Submission Deadline: 14 February 2012

The winning 10 entries will be those most sincere, creative, fun or outstanding.

The prize will be sent via registered airmail to any address in the world.
Prizes are kindly sponsored by tenshi_akuma. (Thanks, Tenshi~!!)

What are you waiting for? Send in your entry now!
Find out how and read on.

Read more[Blog activity] Win a limited edition Lawson folder!

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[News] Japan Gold Disc Award 2012

Congratulations to Sukkie on being one of the 3 Best New Artists!

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Lotte Feb 2012 wallpapers


Read moreLotte Feb 2012 wallpapers

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[Pics] Codes Combine Haiker 2012 SPRING

Credits: @codescombineluv

Read more[Pics] Codes Combine Haiker 2012 SPRING

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[27.1.2012] jksjapan Twitter

Credits: @jksjapan

Guen-chan’s bread tastes good!

Read more[27.1.2012] jksjapan Twitter

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