[News] Kim Joon-su and Jang Keun Suk will attend “3rd Asia Jewellery” Charity Auction


JYJ member Kim Joon-su and actor Jang Keun Suk will participate in “2011 Third Asia Jewellery Ceremony” held on 6th next month, 6 pm at InterContinental Hotel Seoul and organised by active Korean jeweller Mucha and its representative Kim Jeong-ju.

Attention is focused on artistes appearing at the event such as Jang Keun Suk, Kim Joon-su, T-ara, MBLAQ, Hwang Jeong Eum, No Min-woo and others.

The event is based on the theme “Shining Love, Sharing Love”, and on exhibition are jewellery pieces designed by representative Kim Jeong-ju and which have appeared in many dramas and musicals such as Lie to Me, You are Beautiful, Protect the Boss, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and My Princess.

After the jewellery show, Mucha, Kim Joon-su and JKS together with other artistes will carry out the charity jewellery auction. All proceeds will go to UNICEF.

Source: Innolife

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[Magazine] KOREAN WAVE 47

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More Lotte pics

Credits as tagged


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Nature Republic Philippines

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A promotion in Philippines?

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Lotte X’mas

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For Lotte Dec wallpapers,

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[28.11.2011] ZIP TV: JKS Tokyo Dome concert

English subs: tenshi_akuma

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[News] JKS: “Asia Prince? Not self-infatuated but presenting a hope for the future”


On 25 Nov afternoon, JKS attended the press conference of his < JANG KEUN SUK 2011 THE CRI SHOW IN TOKYO DOME-THE BEGINNING>.

Asia Prince JKS said, “As for calling myself Asia Prince, in fact, rather than Asia Prince, I hope even more to go out into the world and become a World Prince. I don’t wish to keep listening to narcissistic words, so all along I don’t care much.”

Fluent in Japanese, JKS is now working hard to learn Chinese and English. “I want to study overseas. Don’t want to conceal my identity as an artiste. I hope to do what I want to do, and hope to work hard at things I want to do. I want to work at things I have not attempted before, maybe I can become Asia Prince. Even if I cannot, at least people will feel that I have worked hard.”

Source: Innolife

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[News] JKS: “20th debut anniversary – A new beginning for Jang Keun Suk”


On 25 Nov afternoon, JKS attended his concert press conference held at Tokyo Ginzak Place.

Having debut as a children’s apparel model in 1993, 2012 will be JKS’ 20th debut anniversary. “The number seems like a burden but time passed just like that.” JKS expressed shyly, “Next year, Korea will be the focus for my concerts.”

JKS said, “It is very important to review myself during the 20th anniversary. This Tokyo Dome concert is not an extension of the Arena Tour, and like the 20th anniversary, it signals a new meaning enscapulated by the theme ‘The Beginning’ of the Tokyo Dome concert. 20 years since my debut is not a number to be proud of just because of the accumulation of years, but it is a starting point based on being able to find my true self as a stage.”

Source: Sukbar

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[Notice] JKS app provided new features for international eels

Some users must have known the new features of iPhone JKS’ app updated on Nov.24, 2011, but I want to share some information here with you. Because some features are very useful for international eels.

1) We can copy Korean messages and paste them to other translation apps such as Google translation services.

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[pics] Wkorea

Credits: www.wkorea.com


For more pic,

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[26.11.2011] Twitter collection

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Final rehearsal at Tokyo Dome. Today’s Tokyo Dome, please burn with more passion ^^


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[DVD] You’re my Pet – JKS Filming Diary ~ You can only look at me!!

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This DVD set comprises 3 discs which contain behind-the-scenes filming footage of JKS while he was filming “You’re my Pet”.

Pre-order: 2 Dec to 11 Dec 2011
Estimated release date: Feb 2012
Price: 9,240 yen (excluding delivery)

This is the Japanese website but again not able to explain any pre-order or purchase process as yet.

The last scene is really hilarious – instead of dog chasing man, we have man chasing dog … … 😀

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[25.11.2011] Tokyo Dome press conference

Credits: Sukbar
English subs: Aphrael77

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[25.11.2011] Twitter

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Tokyo Dome press conference is about to start. This is actor Jang’s press conference venue.


Japanese official web twitter:

现在记者招待会结束!开始排练。(^ o ^)


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