[DVD] Arena Tour in Japan 2011

Soon-to-be-released DVD


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[30.10.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Shared by Sukbar
Translated by Aphrael77

Fans… you all keep pursuing me, keeping it from everyone, chatting about grasping all my whereabouts…. but do you know? The more you do that, the further you are from me…. laugh while you still can~~~ when I get angry, I’m a scary man~

I remember all your faces clearly

Because I said I remember these fans’ faces clearly, are you deliriously happy? I have said, laugh while you still can, because from now on, you all are out!
因为说记住私生饭的脸 你们是不是高兴疯了?我说了 你们趁能笑的时候就笑吧 因为你们现在开始已经出局了!

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[29.10.2011] TV news on JKS at Tokyo Dome

English subs: Aphrael77

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[28.10.2011] JKS returns to Korea

Credits as tagged
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Dare I say that this is the first time at airport in Korea where there are so many fans to welcome JKS home? Looks like he was in a good mood and shuffles at Gimpo airport~

For more pics,

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[ENG-SUB] N-sta_20111028

Credits: jksgogogo
English subs: tenshi_akuma

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[28.10.2011] JKS revealed that Tree-J company in Japan will be established.

Credits: Frau International Japan

On Oct. 28, 2011 at the “Budapest Diary” press conference, JKS revealed that he was planning to establish Tree-J in Japan office until the end of this year. He’s now looking for the proper place. It’s because he wants to focus on Japanese market more.


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[28.10.2011] “Budapest Diary” press conference pics


For more pics,

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Lotte DFS wallpapers


For another,

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[28.10.2011] Twitter – The Battle of the Men! (or boys?)

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Yesterday I was playing boxing with * Vegetable basket and won 50,000 yen..but….. This fellow did not pay up and flew back to Korea this morning … my 50,000 yen… even if I pursue you to Hell, I will take back my money
* nickname for Kurt


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YMP Japanese-version poster

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YMP airs in Japan from 21 Jan 2012.

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Hilarious filming: JKS’ beautiful butt “ravaged” by KHN


Incredulous photo of actors Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun Suk was revealed recently, displaying the scene where Chi-eun walks into the bathroom and without warning, hits In-ho’s butt forcefully while he is washing up. In-ho turns around and both look at each other for a couple of seconds before screaming at the same time.

This is Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun Suk’s sexy and funny scene that signals the start of the Pet’s dependency on the owner. On the day of filming this, the set was full of hilarious laughter. Kim Ha-neul, not wishing to touch JKS’ butt, blushed red with shyness, while the “victim” Jang Keun Suk had his own unspoken troubles. The reason is not because of KHN’s shyness, but because of the director’s repeated enthusiastic demonstrations. All the workers on set were laughing uncontrollably. For a long time, Jang Keun Suk “suffered” the ravage of the director and KHN, but he could only keep his butt up and cooperate obediently.

Extracted from Innolife

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[27.10.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

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Mistress has come personally to Tokyo to watch my performance~ Mistress who was caught up in Lounge H, heh heh, thank you~~~~ why does my face look like a big fabric bag ㅡ.,ㅡ
主人亲自来东京看公演了~陷入Lounge H里的主人 嘿嘿 thank you~~~~怎么我的脸看起来像个大布包ㅡ.,ㅡ


Really really sorry, so sorry and embarrassing, it’s so unlike me. This time, the cancellation of Halloween event … any more explanation is still useless, so I’m not saying more.. I’ll bear all the fault. if (you) want to throw stones, then throw it at me… sorry eels ah.. I have no solution this time… I really admit defeat
真的真的对不起不好意思好丢脸 太不像我了 这次万圣节全面取消…再多的解释也是徒劳就不说了..所有的黑锅都我来背,石头要砸也砸向我吧..对不起 鳗鱼们啊..这次我也没办法..我真的认输了

From now on, it’s free time~~~~!!!
从现在起 是自由时间~~~~!!!



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[26.10.2011] Tree-J twitter

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The notice regarding the Halloween event is uploaded to JKS official website. Please read the notice for details.

The last rehearsal for Saitama. To actor Jang, he needs the passionate support of eels. For the success of today’s Arena Tour, all the eels come together and support him … ^^
埼玉最后彩排中。对张演员来说 非常需要鳗鱼们的热烈支持。为了让今天的arena巡回能够顺利结束,所有鳗鱼们都一起来(支持)…^^


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New song for “You’re my Pet”

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[25.10.2011] Twitter

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Tree-J: Eels, a very cold morning. The official notice for “You’re my Pet” premiere press conference is already uploaded, hope you can apply for it according to the official notice. Be careful not to catch a cold in the cold autumn ^^
鳗鱼们,冷飕飕的清晨.< 宠物情人>记者首映会相关公告已上传.希望你们根据官网的公告来申请.寒冷的秋天请注意感冒^^ (翻译:仙鳗)PS:< 宠物情人>记者首映会定在11月2日
* The premiere is on 2 Nov.

JKS: Park Chan Ho and his family who took time off their busy schedule to come personally. Really very thankful. Thanks for giving me and staff a very big motivation
* Park Chan Ho is a national baseball player.


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