Project reminder – deadline: 15 August 2011

* Private & Confidential – Please do NOT re-post this information /pic anywhere else online. Much appreciated. *
For easy access to project updates, please refer to the new page “Project” that is under the blog banner.


Hi, most of you would know about the full-colour Photo Booklet project that we are doing, which aims to showcase JKS’ international fans i.e. you.

Currently, fans from these countries have submitted or will be submitting their information to us.
If your country is not represented here or you want to let Sukkie see the strength of support from your country, please action now and send us the information required. Don’t wait anymore, action now and let Sukkie see your support! 🙂

– Iran
– Philippines
– Malaysia
– Mexico
– Peru
– Singapore

For project details,

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[ENG-SUB] mezamashi_20120728

Special thanks to tenshi_akuma for the English subtitles!!

The subtitles are only seen on YouTube with PC.

[How to see the subtitles]

If you cannot see the English subs, at the bottom right-hand corner of the video, please click on the triangular up-arrow button and click on “CC”.

[ How to Change the background style or font size ]

■To toggle the background shading on or off, click in the player and type ‘b’.
■To make the captions bigger, click in the player and type +.
■To make the captions smaller, click in the player and type -.

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[29.07.2011] ZIP introducing “Budapest Diary”

Credits: jksgogogo

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[29.07.2011] Release of “Budapest Diary” in Japan in Oct


Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk will release his first official movie “Budapest Diary” in Japan on 26 October 2011.

JKS has also been involved in the production of the movie as well as the filming location. Aready the topic of much discussion way before its release, the movie is 45 minutes long and there is a 60-minute long making and behind-the-scenes DVD. JKS expressed that since the start of his acting days, it has been his dream to have his own photo-book and short film.

The promotional trailer also shows previously undisclosed scenes of JKS working towards his dream and participating in the production process.

Credits: / TVDaily (Chinese)
English subs: Aphrael77

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Y-star footage of “Blind” premiere showing

Credits: gaonnuri22

Dunno what they are talking about, but see how JKS cheered for Kim Ha-neul!
Haha~ so cute!

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[M’sia magazine] YEAH issue 477 mini-poster

Shared by: JKS FC Malaysia

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Lotte DFS Aug 2011 wallpapers

Shared by: MissMiao


Note: click on picture to go to source, right-click to choose Large size.

For another,

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[28.07.2011] Kim Ha-neul’s movie “Blind” premiere showing

Credits as tagged

This afternoon, JKS attended Kim Ha-neul’s movie “Blind” premiere showing at her invitation.

For more pics,

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[28.07.2011] Tree-J new office opening ceremony

Credits as tagged and Tree-J twitter

Tree-J’s new office opens officially today! Congratulations!

More updated pics,

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Jang Keun Suk: First Official Movie – Budapest Diary

Credits: jksjapan official Twitter
Source website: Frau
Shared by: JKS FC Malaysia


Information on the soon-to-be-released “Budapest Diary”!!
Less confusing this time round with only 2 versions, although we still don’t know whether these editions include English subtitles.

Limited edition 9800 yen include:
DVD (45 min) + making (60 min) + Photo book 48 page + Original goods + Poster.

Standard edition 5800 yen include:
DVD (45 min) + Photo book 32 page + Original goods.

Original goods for the 2 editions are different.

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[26.07.2011] Tree-J twitter

Shared by: Sukbar

Tree-J twitter:

JKS is doing a poster photo shoot, and shares a photo with eels. Cute pet Sukkie! Has everyone gotten their nutrition? At the filming scene of “You’re my Pet” ^^app go go

张根硕贴吧官方微博:【TREE-J110726推特更新】根硕君在拍摄海报中,还给鳗鱼们传了照片。可爱的宠物硕!大家都有得到养分吗?电影宠物情人拍摄现场^^app go go!(翻译:颖)

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[26.07.2011] Jap twitter

Shared by: Sukbar

JKS: Saw me standing by the roadside, so I came down from my car to take a photo with it.

【110726日推】①视频上传到了官网影音区~②美丽的根酱和宠物根酱!③看到我站在路边,就下车拍了照- -(翻译:蔷薇)

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[Art gallery] Hand-drawn by Moniy

Shared as tagged

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[ENG-SUB] SMAP x SMAP TV Programme_20110718

Part 1

English translation: tenshi_akuma

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Budapest Diary promotional video

English subs: Aphrael77
Video & Chinese subs: miyuki888

Note: I am not sure how accurate the Chinese subs is, cos I’ve seen 2 slightly different versions ….
but this was the fastest Chinese subs out ….

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